Prior to the moment a Man enters his Rut, everything is fun and games. The Man teases his partner, caresses them, casually enjoys a lengthy blowjob, and, for a while, some sensuous deep-dicking.

This part is almost like foreplay for a Man. During this time, the Man is playful, adoring, muttering nasty things with a wicked smile. When he first enters his victim, he relishes the long, slow strokes and the intoxicating effect his body has on them.

But Nature didn’t design a Man for lovemaking. Nature built a Man to fuck and breed. Eventually the soft, sensuous strokes become rougher, more violent. The Man’s face changes, a serious, distant look clouding his eyes. His body tenses, focuses, his muscles harmoniously moving in rhythmic cadence. Now everything becomes centered at his cock, a giant piston pounding with brute force toward one mighty goal: the deepest possible penetration in order to plant his life-giving seed.

This is what we call the Rut.

It is possibly the most primal moment of human existence, the body of a Man overpowering a partner with instinctive force and emptying himself into them with great, chaotic thrusts. During a Rut, a Man knows nothing except his own pleasure; the world disappears, the partner is simply a hole, and his mind is a molten swell of rage and determination. 

As a faggot, I’ve endured the Ruts of many Men. Each one had the profound effect of paralyzing me into acceptance. Instinctively I know that I cannot fight the Man in this moment, regardless of the pain or the terror I feel. The time for negotiation is over. A Man in his Rut will finish with or without permission.

I’ve seen straight porn featuring women being Rutted by a Man. The look of fear on their faces is familiar and real. The Rut makes women and faggots accept their fate as the receptacle of a Man’s seed.

When a Man finishes his Rut, he relaxes. He goes back to normal. But for those who have received the power of his Rut, they will never be the same again.