Hierarchy is so intrinsic and interwoven into the lives of human beings that it’s almost hard to see. It’s like swimming in the ocean; you only see the water splashing immediately around your head, and not the vast expanse that surrounds you everywhere for miles.

That’s one of the motivators of a site like this one. I am laser-focused on drawing attention to the Hierarchical truths embedded at a near-genetic level in all of our lives. Understanding and accepting these truths is critical to finding fulfillment and, ultimately, peace.

At the outset, my goal was to reach and inspire young people. They are, after all, the next generation to rule or serve in our world. But along the way I’ve met many older ones who stumble across the message of this site and suddenly experience what I call “the lightbulb moment” – that shocking “a-ha” moment when everything suddenly snaps into place and the light of Hierarchical truth illuminates the darkest and most confusing places in their lives.

When they come to me, they are often so astounded that they even struggle to express their joy. Many experience overwhelming relief after so many years of struggling with their sexuality or their purpose. And let me tell you, there is no amount of money that can reward me better than hearing these lost ones finally come to the truth. I’ve often compared this site to a lighthouse on a cliff overlooking a dark and stormy sea. These lost ones are the reason why the light stays on here, and always will.

The latest example of this came this weekend in the form of a comment left on a post here on the site. It’s from a faggot brother named Vinny. This is what he said:

Hi, Sam. Just wanted to drop you a line to say … Thank You!, Thank You! Thank You for ending 30 years of anger, bitterness and hatred.

I’ll explain. Thirty years ago I was working seasonal hours for the U.S. Postal Service in a busy mail facility after my day job. Management and coworkers liked and respected me…all but one. There was an older guy in his mid to late 40’s who was a seasonal worker as well (I was 30 at the time). He approached me on the job, out of the blue and commanded me, very rudely to perform a task for him. I ignored him and continued with what I was doing. I was thinking to myself what a prick he was and tried to avoid him going forward. That didn’t help. Every time he saw me he tried to order me around commanding me to do tasks not only for him but for other workers as well. These other guys always gave him an odd look and told him they can handle it. I guess they all thought he was a shithead too.

One day this asshole followed me into the restroom. We were the only people in there. He leaned up against the sink and said to me in a whisper with a smirk on his face “Hey, why are you so skinny?” I was fucking pissed! I wanted to charge at him and clock him across the jaw. The asshole was getting personal now and I needed to get away from the son of a bitch. I left the restroom in huff. I asked management if there were any other spots available outside of this facility. There was and I was transferred.

As I said that was 30 years ago but I kept playing that experience in my head for 30 years and it enraged me to think about it. I would fantasize about what could’ve happened if I had stood up to the prick but those fantasies just made me more angrier as I felt like a pussy. I’ve always been submissive but never felt so low before. All of those hurtful, hateful feelings have disappeared thanks to you and your wonderful, informative and enlightening site. I came upon your website accidentally through YouTube. I saw a thumbnail of an incredibly handsome guy with a beard and thought I’d check it out. In the video you were interviewing a guy named Alpha Jay. The content of the interview made me curious so I thought I’d visit your site and see what is was all about. I’m glad I did. I read stories about “Hierarchy”, classifications of Alphas and faggots and personal experiences from your readers.

After processing this information I realize now I’m a faggot and the guy at my job was an Alpha who recognized what I was. I understand perfectly now! It’s all clear! The Alpha was just trying to follow the natural order of things and use me as his faggot. This realization got me interested in learning more about myself, the faggots and Alpha men. There are some great literature out there on the subject and faggot training videos to allow conditioning and programming into the faggot mind. I watch those videos a lot. As I mentioned earlier, I used to fantasize about standing up to the guy now I fantasize how I should have behaved the first time he gave me an order. I would have jumped to my feet (I was kneeling at the time working a bottom shelf) and said “Yes Sir! Right away Sir!” performed the task and hurried back over to him for more orders to obey. I even imagined going to his place after work and pampering him with a neck rub and foot massage while he humiliates me the way he did with the “weight” comment in the restroom. These new fantasies cause me to masturbate furiously. I think of new scenarios about myself and this Alpha each time I get myself off.

You have no idea, Sam the weight you removed from my head with your website. I now have a different perspective of my life and get through my daily routines without a negative thought regarding the Alpha. I hesitated writing this to you for the longest time out of embarrassment but you need to be aware how helpful your website is in helping Alphas and faggots like myself understand our true nature.

By the way, I cannot say I missed an opportunity to be the Alpha’s fag as I was in a three year committed relationship with a great guy and wouldn’t have changed that. The three years have developed into thirty four years (this month) with the same wonderful guy. We are legally and happily married now and I will not change a thing. My husband is the one in charge and I’m submissive. He is a Dom and I am a sub but there’s still a natural order for the two of us. Thanks again Sam and keep up the great work! You’re very important! Cheers! – Faggot Vinny –

I can’t tell you how wide my smile was after reading this! I was happy all day thinking about the effect of Hierarchy on the lives of all of us, and how just one bit of understanding about this truth can unlock the questions of an entire lifetime!

I’m so happy that my brother Vinny (not to be confused with my cousin – badum-bum-tiss) still managed to find an Alpha to serve and worship within the safety of a committed relationship! He deserves such completion and happiness! I also commend his Alpha husband for training up an amazing and insightful fag-wife!

I am so grateful to be in a special position to help steer people toward the light of Hierarchical truth! They look wonderful dancing for joy in it!