I hear a lot of heartbreaking and frustrating personal stories every week. I try to keep an open mind and be helpful where I can. I think almost everyone who has come to me with personal issues would agree that I work tirelessly to help others.

But sometimes I simply cannot smile and nod about some things.

Few things truly get under my skin like married faggots who complain to me about their troubled marriages. What am I supposed to say to these guys? That it’s okay to be so far in denial of your own truth that you entangle a woman into your web of lies for many years, ultimately consigning her to a passionless, romance-free existence they would never have willingly chosen?

I’ll give you an example. This one faggot married a female years ago and they produced a son. The son eventually grew up to be gay. Early on in the relationship the wife discovered that her husband liked to service Men, so she cut off sex with him because of the betrayal. They’ve stuck with the marriage to this point for the sake of the son.

The husband complained to me that she’s withholding sex from him, which I immediately countered with the fact that he’s unable to satisfy her anyway because he’s a faggot. So then he complained that she won’t forgive him for the time she caught him servicing a guy.

And then I hit him with the ultimate truth: It’s not her fault, it’s HIS. He’s the one who tricked her into a life married to a faggot who cannot ever satisfy her.

You see, there’s a reason I’ve remained single my entire life. I knew that I simply could not live a lie in order to have some fake social shield around myself. I also couldn’t (and wouldn’t) condemn a female to live a sexless, unsatisfying life as my partner. Using another person like this is the height of selfishness in my opinion.

And selfishness is the opposite of what we are called to be as faggots.

Faggots, accept what you are. Stop clinging to the ideas society forces upon you. Stop living in fear of judgment by others. It’s YOUR life. Live it honestly, without regret and without fear.