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There’s an old saying most of us are familiar with: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Yes, physical empires take many years – decades or more – to grow into power. But the kingdom of an Apex Alpha takes no time at all to become reality. It can happen quicker than a wish.

That’s exactly what has happened in the case of straight Master Matthew. His life has taken a total and complete turnaround over the last two months. When I met him he was newly divorced and alone and living in a small apartment. Now he owns two faggots completely and uses them sexually, domestically, and now financially. He’s getting set to take over the large house and finances of his faggots this weekend.

Oh wait – now he owns THREE faggots! The third one is a black faggot hiding in a straight relationship and known by Master Matthew’s two faggots.

Officially KING of three! Plus my latest addition is a professional physiotherapist and has already given me an out of this world massage! We’re going to turn one of the bathrooms into a spa for me!

Insane! I wanted to hear about the enslavement.

(The faggot) came over, faggots bought him in and presented him to me, he knelt before me and said it would be an honour to serve my greatness and would I consider taking him under my ownership. Gave him a short interview and accepted him on the spot. Perfect timing as my faggots are working hard on getting me moved this weekend and so my latest addition will be taking care of me.

I asked if the faggot serviced him right then.

No it had to get home to it’s girlfriend, but it’s coming all weekend to serve me and take care of all my needs as I move. Still can’t believe the move is happening. So stoked. I was in my place on my own just a couple of month. Hated moving there and was so depressed, but who knew that was where I was going to turn my life around. Literally walked in a depressed, exhausted, wasted man and now leaving as a KING!

And, like most straight Apex Alphas who begin to live this way off of faggots, Master Matthew has begun to consider devoting more time to building himself as well as his Kingdom.

I’m thinking to get back into my bodybuilding, I did it years ago before kids but really hard to do all the meal prep and normally having to pay for physiotherapy etc whereas now of course I’ll have that all done so I can focus back on it all. It’s really given me some motivation and excited to be getting back into it!! Finally get back in shape too!

There is really no denying the truth. Faggots absolutely make the dreams of true Manhood come to glorious life.

And now as Master Matthew looks ahead to an incomprehensible new life as a human deity worshiped by a Kingdom of faggots, he starts to think of his legacy – his Alpha progeny.

Yes I know, it’s very strange to think that this is the way it should have been from the start, that this was my rightful destiny. In some ways though, I’m grateful for experiencing life as a more “normal” mortal, after all it gave me my two sons. Very pleased that they will get to experience the perks of my new life and will be treated as little princes when they visit. Feel sorry that they have to go back to their mum, and our old crappy house.

Destiny. A King and his princes. A true Kingdom.

Just as Nature intended from the start.

Hierarchy Is Truth!