This is part of a continuing series chronicling the rise of Alpha Matt, a straight male and friend of Alpha Jin who slowly came to understand the wonders of faggot worship. Click here to read all of these posts in order!

Anybody who read yesterday’s account (CLICK HERE) of Master Matt throat fucking Alex, the fourth faggot in the stable of Masters Nick and Nikola, probably wondered about the curiously open-ended way I concluded that post. I casually mentioned that Master Matt had made plans with Alex (and with Master Nikola’s blessing) to “work out” the following day. My fag senses were tingling nervously.

When I questioned Alex about this impending “date” with Master Matt, Alex insisted that he thought Matt wanted to be his friend. He kept talking about how attractive Matt is. I was getting nowhere.

I warned him: “Alex, Alphas and faggots aren’t friends.”

“Why not?” asked Alex innocently.

“Because Alphas and faggots are not equals. Alphas own faggots. They use faggots. They aren’t friends with faggots.”

Still nothing.

So I questioned the Alphas. Master Nikola was largely absent, but he didn’t seem concerned. Master Nick, dealing with his own issues elsewhere, wasn’t around the apartment, but also sensed danger. “Sam, I think I might put a stop to this,” said Master Nick, before reverting back to his previous stance of staying out of Nikola’s affairs. After all, Nikola and Matt had made this arrangement with each other, so it didn’t have anything to do with him directly.

So Alex met up with Master Matt at Matt’s condominium gym. And after the workout, Matt said, “Why don’t you come to my place and get some protein?” So Alex followed Matt to his place.

And then Master Matt raped Alex.

Master Matt is already widely known in fag circles around campus as the most vicious and brutal ass fucker in existence. His “technique” consists of ramming his enormous straight dick balls-deep into fag pussy like a careless piston, destroying everything in its path until he breeds it. Then he keeps going until he’s done.

Well, little Alex now found himself in Master Matt’s lair, lost like a deer that ignored all the signs and accidentally wandered into a wolf’s den. Almost instantly Matt had Alex’s clothes off and onto the bed, where he mounted Alex with all of the care of a horny pit bull.

Master Matt proceeded to pound Alex’s ass in a way he had never experienced with Master Nick (a power fucker in his own right) and tender Master Nikola. A fuck of hate. A fuck of purpose. A fuck of murder and destruction.

Little Alex passed out twice, and Master Matt kept pounding. Alex cried, and Master Matt kept going. Alex screamed multiple times “STOP!” and Master Matt kept going.

After Master Matt bred Alex twice, he pulled his giant dick out of Alex’s swollen pussy. He grabbed Alex’s hair and pushed Alex’s head down on his cock for cleaning. After Alex finished licking the juice of his own rape off of Master Matt’s cock, Master Matt said, “I’m finished with you,” and told him to leave.

Alex stumbled home, decimated beyond words. SHATTERED. He began texting me, clearly incoherent after experiencing this terrifying ordeal.

“Sam, I thought he wanted to be my friend,” said the lost soul dying inside Alex.

I remembered my own rape (a more serious, life-threatening situation) and the lessons I learned from surviving that. Hearing the hollow, shell-shocked words of my little brother reminded me of that time. In these moments, raped faggots are like survivors immediately after 9/11, blinded by dust and stumbling over debris.

Alphas are so much more powerful than we are, so much more aggressive. We often egg them on, eager to feel the intensity of their might and domination. But the Beast that lurks within many Alphas can occasionally take over when you least expect it, ravenous at the first taste of fresh meat.

And by the time it’s over, a life is changed forever.

I will always stand beside my precious little brother Alex. He’s a good boy and a credit to faggots everywhere. He deserved better than to be treated like a filthy cumrag that’s tossed dismissively in the trash.

He was let down by the Alphas he worshiped and served with faith and trust. He was put in harm’s way by a Man he called his Master, and raped by a Man he thought wanted to be his friend.

I often say that Alphas are the best Mankind has to offer, that they are creatures of great power, wisdom, and nobility. But Alphas can also represent the worst of Mankind, too.

Find good Alphas and serve them. They’re rarer than you think.