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One of the more controversial elements we’ve learned so far about the story of Master G and his faggot Jamie was their initial meeting and Master G’s subsequent raping of Jamie when Master G was just 14 years old.

From my vantage point Jamie seems like one of the dearest and most desirably submissive faggots I’ve ever encountered. A genuinely good soul with gentle, honorable intentions.

So I guess the raping of Jamie seemed so unnecessary that I had to ask Master G why it happened and from where that impulse arises in him.


Yes, I admit I raped Jamie. And even though he is very grateful that I did, and even though I can’t think of having spent the last 15 years without him as my slave, I realize now that it wasn’t necessary.

I was very young still, and even though I knew I was an Alpha I failed to recognize that he could have been mine without having to rape him. He did put up a good struggle, even though he was such a soft weakling of a faggot back then, and I might have done much more physical damage than I did. As it was, I nearly wrenched one of his shoulders out of its socket, and he got a large, nasty bruise on one side of his face becaue I held his head against the wall while I pounded him.

BUT, I know now that he would have submitted to me in any case. He didn’t even know it at the time, but as an Alpha, I could have bent him completely to my will with only a few words, and my scent. He, as a true submissive faggot, would not have been able to resist. I had already found that to be true with women. By that time I had long lost count of the number of women I had gotten into bed with not much more effort than a smile and a few words. It’s just that Jamie was my first male, and I anticipated resistance.

I know better now.

Master G is so brutally honest. It takes my breath away sometimes.

So I tried to get him to nail down the drive behind the need to rape.

I have to admit a part of it for me is size vs power. I’m a much shorter than average man as I think Jamie explained. I’m 5’3″ on a good day. So the idea of conquering someone older and much taller like Jamie is a big deal for me. I can’t explain it, but it just FILLS me with power! Grrr! It’s one of the main reasons I have built up Jamie’s body with gear and weights. He is the gentlest soul ever, but now he’s built like a tank, (honestly, he looks younger now at 64 than he did 15 year ago!) so when I ramrod his tight cunty, and feel all that muscle squirming underneath me, I honestly feel like a GOD! The bigger, the stronger, the more meaningful it feels to conquer!

And, when we used to go places together. He would initially get looks because of his size, and then I would boss him around. People’s reaction to me dominating this big older guy fucking got me so hot!

In a way, raping Jamie helped Master G appreciate the deep difference between the submission of faggots and females.

The other obvious reason, which you’ve heard from me many times before, is that men, even faggots, are LESS COMPLICATED.When I rape Jamie, he isn’t hoping I’ll buy him dinner, or bring him flowers, or give him a necklace. You wanna know what he says afterwards?


In other words. The CORRECT response.

Even so called “submissive” women change after getting fucked several times. Yes, at first they always say “It’s all about you!” “I’ll do anything for you!” “You’re the center of my universe!” and I think they even believe it themselves. I get most of my most expensive gifts from women (especially older women) within the span of those first few fucks. Then the gifts stop, and they seem to think they deserve something as a reward! I don’t think it’s calculated, or dishonest. I think they go through an actual metamorphosis. Something chemical. Probably an evolutionary survival strategy.

And soon they develop an agenda. That’s why I don’t like to fuck the same slot machine more than a handful of times. I move on.

When I got married, I still tried to remain true to this principle: Never expect a woman to behave differently than her nature. You’ll always be disappointed.

But guys are much simpler. More direct, and less complicated.

Master G’s assessment of the female nature aligns almost perfectly with mine, although I’ve always thought they were much more purposeful about tricking Men into giving them what they want. Master G’s idea that it’s evolutionary and instinctual is interesting, and one I’ve never considered before. Of course, being a straight Alpha, he’d know better.

But it’s Master G’s admission that he rapes faggots because of the power he receives from the act that is truly telling. But I also find it significant that he ties it back to the reciprocal aspect of the rape act for a faggot: faggots NEED to be raped in some fashion, albeit physically or emotionally. They need to be broken by the Alpha so they will lose resistance and become willing to be reshaped by its owner.

It’s an endlessly fascinating topic, and one open for healthy debate. Running from it does no good at all. I’m just glad that Alphas like Master G are brave enough to discuss the issue honestly!