This thread continues the story of Cody the faggot who was formerly owned by Sir Titus (@alphaexploits) as Cody begins to serve Alpha Dylan and his straight brother Alpha John. CLICK HERE for all of Cody’s adventures in chronological order

While I was finishing my research conversation with Cody’s Alpha Dylan for THIS POST, I casually mentioned to him that he should try to cunt Cody. “Uh huh” was the confused reply. Not surprising; Dylan is a straight Male who has, until now, done little research on the ownership of faggots.

But I knew Cody wanted his Master to cunt him. After all, Cody had experienced the wonders of cunting through the skilled rutting of Sir Titus (CLICK HERE), and once a faggot gets cunted, it always wants that again and again. 

To accomplish this, Cody wanted to use poppers to open up his pussy for cunting. I was largely against this (I’m not a fan of poppers in general), and Alpha Dylan really had no opinion. Eventually, we decided to try poppers just in this one case and see if it works.

Boy, did it ever!!

Afterward, I started receiving excited texts from Cody about the experience. 

I felt my hole open up and he just thrust it in and it was deep and I felt it push through. It didn’t pop like with Sir Titus but it was like he was fully inside me deeper than ever … like not just physically, but just IN me, you know?

Yeah, I know!

The cunting experience affected Alpha Dylan almost as much as his faggot. The next day he bragged that he “got him last night” and that it reminded him of “the first time (he) made a chick cum.” 

In fact, Alpha Dylan was so thrilled by the cunting of his faggot that he woke up the next morning horny and decided to go to work late so he could cunt the faggot again. And he did, this time without an assist from poppers. At one point Cody blacked out from the cunting, and Alpha Dylan slapped Cody hard across the face. Cody came to and locked eyes with his rutting Master. Alpha Dylan, without blinking or hesitation, spit on Cody and called him filthy names. 

Needless to say, Cody was over the moon from the double-cunting. But the cherry on top occurred as Alpha Dylan was leaving for work. He leaned in close to Cody’s ear and whispered, “I own your cunt now, faggot.”