Often when we talk about Hierarchy we refer to it in a sexual sense, but in its purest form the application of Hierarchy doesn’t require sexual dominance. For instance, every day in workplaces around the world Men jockey for positions of power over each other. Over time, the Apex Alphas in these mini-Hierarchies become obvious, as do the office faggots serving as stepping stones for greater Men.

A few days ago I received a letter from a faggot named Trey that perfectly illustrates this everyday Hierarchical power struggle in the corporate world. Here was his letter:

I started work at my job (online sporting goods retailer) about 7 years ago.    It’s been a great job so far.    My rival was hired on about 4 years ago.    We didn’t get along from the very beginning.    I thought he had a cocky attitude and I didn’t like it.    So we butted heads a lot for a long while.    It was weird but there was one day I was bent down to get something from a shelf and he walked up and I looked up at him.   I immediately felt like that was my place.   Where I should be.   I guess it was like there was something inside me telling me he is an alpha and I’m a faggot.   Whether I like him or not I should recognize that.    It took a while for me to really figure out how I was feeling.    And it is like the more I felt it the more humiliated I became.   And that only seemed to make him more cocky.   He started noticing I wouldn’t look him in the eye.   And one day he told me to get him coffee and I found myself in the kitchen making him a cup of coffee.    I was technically his “boss” in a way but here I was doing things for him.    And once he realized I was doing these things he began to demand more.   Once in a meeting he literally told my boss that he should be my boss.  He said this right in front of me and my boss looked at me as if wondering what I was going to do about it.    I looked down at the floor and just sat there.    And my boss complimented him on showing initiative.   So, it just kept going like this for a while until I basically was his assistant.   Doing his errands, picking up his dry cleaning.    And I couldn’t even tell you how it truly began because it was so gradual.  It’s like one day I woke up and I was taking care of all his needs.  Even washing his car for him.    I felt I had to set personal feelings aside because this is an alpha and my job was to serve him and make him happy.   I’ve even gone as far as going to his house and cleaning it for him.    


This is probably the most blatant example of focused Alpha power being applied in an office setting that I’ve ever heard! This Alpha simply understood he was the superior Man and he wasn’t going to allow an inferior male to have what he knew belonged to him!

For Trey, the acceptance has required a slow, uncomfortable realization about the truth. Trey has been forced to swallow his pride repeatedly as the layers of masculinity have been stripped away by Hierarchical power.

But as the truth has dawned on Trey, so has peace. He wrote the following:

It’s like suddenly everything in my life makes sense to me again.    I just recently realized I am a faggot.    My rival at work basically brought it out in me.    At first I was just humiliated by it all but now I’m starting to see that it’s my purpose in life.   So i guess I’m not confused now as to why I am willing to serve him even though I didn’t like him.

There is no evidence of the existence of Alphahood more powerful and definitive than the example of Trey and his new owner!