This is part of a continuing series documenting the rise of Straight Alpha Nick, a college athlete and friend to Alpha Jin who has discovered faggot worship and now owns four live-in faggots. You can read all posts in this series in chronological order by CLICKING HERE!

As I wrote in my previous update, Master Nick was enraged over Master Matt’s decision to release his faggot Michael from chastity for a day.

Of course, every Alpha has the right to utilize his faggots however he chooses, and this was the course Master Matt chose in his direction of Michael. For the record, the day of freedom worked well for Michael, who was able to gain a new appreciation for chastity.

But the ends didn’t justify the means for Master Nick, especially after Alex asked to be released (I jokingly called it a “va-cage-tion”) like Michael. Both Masters got into a heated discussion about the matter the next day at the gym.

Then I received a message from Alex. He said he got a text from Master Nick warning the faggot that he needed to be “smooth and clean” when he returned home.

So I contacted Master Nick about what was going on. Master Nick’s responses were almost seething with anger. “I think I need to really cunt Alex and get his mind right, reset him,” said Master Nick forcefully.

I was immediately fascinated with the concept of a “reset cunting.” In other words, using the process of cunting a faggot as a tool of disciplinary action and attitude adjustment.

When Master Nick returned home, his faggots were alarmed. He had a look of intensity they hadn’t seen often from their Owner. Within minutes Master Nick had pulled Alex into the bedroom and mounted him.

Master Nick then unleashed a merciless rut for more than an hour on the faggot’s pussy until Alex was convulsing uncontrollably and absolutely shattered into pieces. Then Master Nick bred his faggot.

It’s been two days since this reset cunting. Alex has been barely able to speak, just wandering around the house in a daze like a child stumbling through a war-torn hellscape.

The Reset Cunting is a powerful tool that only the greatest Alphas can wield with confidence. Much the way an initial cunting breaks a faggot, a reset cunting helps reshape a faggot’s mind and mindset. It realigns a faggot and keeps it from going astray.

Indeed, this reset cunting seems to have finally broken Alex’s persistent attachment to his clit. “I feel so much like a girl,” said Alex.

Master Nick noticed the change, too. “The faggot seems more feminine,” he muttered in wonder. Then he added:

Amazing the power of Dick on a faggot!

Yes Nature gave that dick and its power to a select few Men. The greatest of them know how to manipulate that power in ways like reset cunting to produce desirable results!