This is another entry in the incredible life of Apex Alpha Sir Titus. For all of his true stories, CLICK HERE to read them in chronological order!

There are three Apex Alphas that I consider to be touchstones for the perspective of this site. Two of them are gifted writers of true Hierarchical texts. GOD Natural-Hung-Bull is one of them. The other is the legendary Apex God Sir Titus.

During my first dalliance with him a few years ago, he leveled entire forests of Hierarchical understanding with his massive, extinction-level explosions of power. He redefined what was truly possible for an Apex Alpha – namely, anything and everything.

And then, in an instant, he disappeared into military service.

The debris of his catastrophic rampage settled over my life like bits of trees after a particularly violent storm. And there was a sad quiet, too. I never thought I would ever hear from him again.

As an experienced faggot, I’m accustomed to Alphas disappearing; it’s part of the job description for a faggot. But this loss ached. I had touched the soul of God in Sir Titus, and now that light was gone.

And then, like a transmission from an astronaut lost in deep space, I received a message from Sir Titus!

I saw your post, fag. I’m still around (kinda). Just been keeping a low profile after my Tumblr got shut down.

I’m good. Getting out of the military. Fucked up my knee pretty badly so getting a medical separation with tons of disability, so it’s a good thing.

Been getting ready to move. Going to U of Montana to finish my degree in physical therapy. Got a place all ready for me out there in big sky country.

You know I got back from Bahrain to here in Georgia, but then we kind of fell out of touch. I don’t agree with everything you post on the site, but I understand your reasoning for it and think the site does more good than harm. Since getting back, had two live in fags to train (first in July, second in September). I was on quarantine and they were out of school, so it made things VERY convenient for my needs.

So I asked more about the two live-in faggots he owned in Georgia.

The two fags I had living with me offered to pay me rent and give me money and I turned them down because I knew they couldn’t really afford it. They paid for groceries, but I handled the utilities and things because it impacted me less.

They handled my other needs which allowed me the freedoms to be the Alpha I am. It was the first time I had ever had two fags at once in this fashion and living with me, but it worked out because I put my foot down early and enforced the hierarchy. Because they abided by the law of nature, things worked out great. Hierarchy is the natural order.

Ahhhh … nobody understands the true application of Hierarchy better than Sir Titus! It was so refreshing to hear him say this!

Then, he mentioned how he used the Hierarchy podcast as a tool for training his two faggots! (Blush)

There were a couple I listened to with my fags as part of their training. I’d have them suck my dick while we’d listen and then quiz them afterwards to make sure they could multitask. It didn’t go so well at first. Haha. Whichever one answered more questions correctly got rewarded. Haha. You know me, you know how I train.

So then I needed to hear more about the new arrangements in Montana.

I’m going to miss my fags here. They served me well. Montana is going to be interesting since it’ll be the first time I’m living with a “sugar daddy” fag. I don’t know how else to describe him. Haha.

Okay, so there’s some backstory. There’s a wealthy faggot from LA who has a ranch/house outside of Missoula. He’s only there a few times a year. He’s letting me stay there rent free in a kind of “housesitting” arrangement. I’m also getting paid for it which, considering what tuition costs even with my GI Bill and disability, helps cut down costs. It means I don’t have to work while I’m in school unless I want to, and can focus on my education.

He’s a cashfag for other Alphas, so this is no different for him. He found me and asked if I was ever in LA or Montana. He flew me and my two fags up in January to check out the place. First time I ever flew first class without getting upgraded for being military.

Definitely different from anything I’ve done before, and I know I said I’d never take money from a fag, but the offer is too good to pass up. There are some caveats, but none I have an issue with.

Ugh. I hate when cashfags think they can make demands of the Alphas they serve! But these demands don’t seem outrageous (yet):

Only caveats are:

– when he’s in town, he’d like to have me let him service me uninterrupted which is fine

– he has cameras throughout the house (except in the toilet parts of the bathrooms) which I’m fine with. I don’t need privacy and I want him to know that I’m fucking fags in his house

– weekly Skype chats which I agreed to only if they were short

– make sure the mail is brought in

and to not wash any rags I use for cleaning up cum

Pretty simple.

To be completely honest, I wrestled with it for a while. The idea of being given money seemed antithetical to the notion that an Alpha should be self sufficient.

I eventually settled on the fact that it’s a means to an end, and not some sort of control being done by the fag. The reality is that I could move there and be completely self sufficient.

However, it’s just like sex. I could jack off, but why not be worshipped?

I could live in a small apartment and live okay, but why do that when I could have this?

He’s absolutely right, of course. Alphas deserve such worship, Apex Alphas doubly so.

Then Sir Titus dropped this bit of solid gold truth he learned while training his two Georgia fags:

True, but women are more selective, and sometimes it’s easier to help the fags who haven’t yet accepted their place in the hierarchy understand their role. Some are just visual learners.

Some fags have to “come out” twice; first as gay, then as fags.

One of my boys had no issues with it. The other took some time. Everyone is on a different path. I just provided a place where he could admit his desires without being judged or made to feel guilt about it.

The other thing that helped was my first fag who was already with me. They bonded quickly and I didn’t interfere in that since I’m not fluent in speaking fag. Haha.

Honestly, no Alpha on the planet speaks “fag” better than Sir Titus. He is a Master of the highest order. For more evidence of this, feel free to read his mastery over his last faggot Cody before he disappeared (Cody’s Last Ride) or the absolutely essential post Terra Firma he wrote about faggot training.

There is simply no Alpha, Apex or otherwise, who can touch the supreme power of Sir Titus. He is the uninhibited forces of Nature distilled into the form of an ultimate Man.

For me, a little faggot forever on the ground, it feels good to have the light of this true god beaming down on me again!

Thank you always, Master!