This thread follows the development of Alpha Toby, an 18-year-old straight Alpha who is taking ownership of his faggot brother and a faggot friend. CLICK HERE to read all of these posts in chronological order!

One of the more inflammatory series of articles on the site involved a young Apex Alpha named Toby and his physical and sexual enslavement of his faggot brother Jamie. Many felt like I shouldn’t be encouraging things like this. Others accused me of inventing everything for the sake of titillating my audience.

And then, right in the middle of this controversy, Master Toby disappeared. I tried every avenue of communication I had to reach him, but received nothing.

I resigned myself to the possibility that Master Toby wasn’t real.

Then, out of nowhere, Master Toby sent me a message! He had returned even more powerful than before! He was very eager to share a pic of him and his gorgeous new girlfriend:

He also wanted me to know he was no longer using his faggot brother for quick sexual relief, but that Jamie has continued to serve him and their father (who now knows of their Master/slave situation).

Honestly amazing faggot, my little bro’s been serving me, he is fully a faggot now, he calls every man he meets sir, he’s my constant slave and my dad knows now and he totally supports it, honestly it’s great faggot. I’ve decided that I’m not going to be having any sexual relation to him just because dicks are for chicks you get me 😅. Me and my girlfriend made our relationship official recently as well!

By “official” Master Toby means she accepted him as her owner. She’s very submissive as well.

I was curious about the father’s involvement in this, so Master Toby elaborated:

He’d always kinda abused my brother and called him faggot and queer and so I just kinda told him and he was like “I don’t give a shit he’s sub human any where fucking queers like him should be made to serve and I could use some help around the house” so it was a bit much, but I was like fine you know fag. (My Dad doesn’t use it) sexually, but pretty much, my father likes to spit on him and beat him up and whenever my brothers in the house he’s in a pair of white Calvin Klein boxers with a locked dick and plugged.

The description Master Toby gave me of Jamie’s treatment by the father rattled me a bit, so I inquired more about it.

Well faggot, things have been pretty good. My faggot little brother has fully acclimated to who he is. Everyday he has a training schedule, he must train his hole, train his throat, shave all his body hair, make sure his dick is locked and before he gets dressed put on one of mine or my dads dirty boxers. It’s official now because when he’s in the house he must wear only undies, his dick cage and plug, he makes us dinner, cleans the house, he does my school work, he does the shopping, he is one hundred percent our faggot. My dad didn’t really give a shit because he thinks any gay man is subhuman so he doesn’t really give a shit it’s his son. He said no son of mines a faggot, so he can serve us however you see fit. He has a little job that he goes to and 100% of the money from it goes to me, that’s £200 a month and he loves it faggot.

Jamie’s life as a faggot began as a sexual relief tool, but has now descended into a slave object for two powerful Alpha Males.

Jamie is still very young and has much to learn about itself in the coming years. But the training it has received by these Alpha family members will last forever.

As for Master Toby, he’s enjoying life as an Apex predator. However, something tells me an Alpha like him will want to subjugate other faggots sexually or otherwise in the future.

One reason why was the story he told me about a faggot that serves his school football team.

I used a faggot at my football club to polish balls and feet and he always cleans the changing rooms and stuff and buys us food and shit like that. We bully it and it cleans our sweaty feet and make him do humiliating things like lick the shower drains. Honestly one of the best things we ever done, was we all took this pair of Calvin boxers home and came on it separately and shaved our balls, so they were like dirty cunstained boxer with our ball hair shaved in it and we watched him clean it with his tongue and he still wears them today.

Once an Alpha has a taste for faggot worship and service, it’s hard to forget.