This post is part of a thread following the development of David, a well-endowed faggot moved to chastity and embraced by an amazing Alpha named Alex. CLICK HERE to read all of these posts in chronological order!

Alphas always surprise me. Just when you think you have them pegged, they suddenly make a suggestion so shocking and/or wise that you are left speechless and in awe.

I have often said that I have been blessed to have been owned by some truly remarkable Alphas, but I find myself jealous of some of my fag brothers who have been fortunate to serve some of the greatest Alphas I’ve ever known. However, part of the joy of this site is that I can spotlight these astonishing Alphas and sing their praises.

The latest Alpha in this long line of legends is Alpha Alex, the incredible new Owner of my dear fag brother David. I was concerned for David after his violent confrontation with a previous Master. However, I definitely underestimated his new Master. Just listen to this unforgettable experience the pair shared the other day:

Hello Sam. So I’ve been locked in chastity for a couple of weeks now and yes … I’m horny as hell at this point but today I decided that when I meet Alpha Alex I was giving him the keys to my cage. So before I set off I put on a pair of the pants he got me to show the cage and as its a beautiful sunny day I put on shorts and a vest top on ( he likes me in a small amount of clothing ) we met at the usual place and set off for our walk ( we both love hiking ) He looked AMAZING in his shorts and tank top and even more so when he took his top off and slipped it through the hoop on the top of his shorts. At this point I thought my cage was going to break.

We hiked for so long just chatting away and at times Alpha Alex let me feel his beautiful dick through his shorts ( I wanted to pull it out so bad ) we had now been hiking for over an hour and literally in the middle of nowhere. We found a fallen tree and Alpha Alex sat on it and told me to strip so naturally I did. I then kneeled in front of him when he pulled my face into his crotch … I wanted to stay there but at this point he saw the keys I had and asked why I had them. So I said … I want you to take the keys to my cage. He smiled and took them.

Then something very unexpected happened … he told me to stand and he took the cage off … he said just the statement that I wanted him to take control like that was all he wanted from me, and the cage … even though he liked it … he liked seeing my dick without it even more, especially in the sheer pants.

He then said that he feels like I’m really his and he then took off his shorts and said … you haven’t touched yourself for weeks now so kneel and look into my eyes and make yourself cum for me … I couldn’t believe I was doing this because I’ve never wanked myself in front of anyone before but there I was … sun beaming down on my naked body looking into Alpha Alex’s eyes and I came big. Then as soon as I did I was ordered to crawl to Alpha Alex and suck him off. He fed me what I think was his biggest load yet. We sat for a while and then he told me to sit on the fallen tree where he had just fed me his load and he took a photo of me ( See below ) later in the day he sent it to me saying ( My fag … my boy ) after the photo we got dressed and before heading back Alpha Alex put my chastity cage on a tree branch and we left it there but he said … I’m keeping the keys only because it’s all I need. I took a photo of the cage ( see below ) So I guess the cage is there on the branch of the fallen tree where Alpha Alex fed me his load and later took my photo. I don’t know where this relationship is going but I’m so excited to find out. I’m already craving my next meeting with Alpha Alex and just looking forward to the future. 

Here is the chastity cage, now guarding the limb of a tree:

I really want to emphasize this to all Alphas who keep their faggots in chastity: FORCED OBEDIENCE isn’t as powerful as VOLUNTARY OBEDIENCE. When a faggot voluntarily surrenders its rights to use its clit like Men in order to honor its Master, there is no chastity cage on Earth that compares to that level of control.

Alpha Alex has placed a chastity cage on David’s HEART AND SOUL. There is no power greater than that, and no physical chastity cage that can compare to that level of loyalty and trust!

Alpha Alex’s actions remind me of the wisdom of the famous story of King Solomon from the Bible. In that story, King Solomon was able to determine the true owner of a baby by threatening to take a sword and cut it in half. In this case, Alpha Alex was able to determine the heart of his faggot by putting it into chastity and allowing the faggot to voluntarily offer control to him.

I was deeply moved by the innocence and wisdom of this experience. Alpha Alex sounds extraordinary, and I know from my conversations with David that he has truly humbled himself to the point that he was ready for an Alpha of this caliber. You can hear it in the child-like way David describes this cherished moment. Alpha Alex owns this faggot body and mind, heart and soul.

And in this, their story becomes another amazing account of what is possible between an Alpha and a faggot when Hierarchy is honored and obeyed!