I’ve always maintained that the right approach can win over most Men with any form of dominance in them (sub-Alpha and above) or even some betas. The key to this right approach is deceptively simple: make the Man feel safe. Give him a place where he is confident and can be assured of discretion, and Men will absolutely run with a lot of things you might not expect. I’m consistently surprised (even now) at just how easily Men can shake off their feigned disgust and showy public repulsion when you get them alone in a place of physical and emotional safety.

I use this to highlight a recent question/comment I received from a reader named DSim. In it he describes his technique for seducing straight Men, even though he comes at it from a somewhat different angle than I do.


If you hang out with older (+35) married men and you let them know that you are bisexual*, they WILL use you, you just have to be brave and avoid rejecting them when they make conscious or subconscious moves towards you.

Real life example: My neighbor at my old place.

Looks exactly like the guy from CzechBitch. We started talking more and more whenever we ran into each other and at some point he invited me to his place to drink beer and watch sports while his wife was out. We sat on the couch chatting about random stuff and he made some comments about seeing older guys come and go from my apartment. I told him that I’m bisexual because I like sucking cock and getting fucked and women can’t give me that. He quizzed me further and I told him that I prefer older married guys because they are more discreet than cocky young douchebags. After more usual questions (“Why do you like it? Doesn’t it hurt? What do you get out of it? How do you meet all those guys? What about STDs?”) we switched topics and went back to watching sports.

After he finished his beer, he got up to get another one and when he came back, he had another beer for me. I cheekily asked him “Are you trying to get me drunk?” and he stammered “Maybe” while chuckling nervously. I gathered my courage and said “Why? I’d suck your cock even if I was fully sober”.
Next thing I knew I was on my knees sucking his cock. After half an hour or so he said “I think I’m too drunk to cum tonight” so I told him that my asshole disagrees with that statement. First he mounted me on the couch, then I grabbed his dick and led him to the bedroom where he proceeded to really punish my ass. I’ve never been raped for real but getting dicked down by a drunk middle-aged man who’s desperately trying to cum must be pretty similar. Spoiler alert: he came inside me. I sucked his cock clean and thanked him, he slap-grabbed my ass, then I left.

After that we’ve met regularly, even though I moved out a few months after that, and he’s also referred me to a few of his buddies. Pretty good for a very masculine-looking guy in his late 20’s, huh? And this all happened because 1) I didn’t say “no” at any point but was completely receptive to every conversation and suggestion, 2) was prepared (e.g. cleaned my hole before going over to his place because you never know what might happen) and 3) offered my services when I had the opportunity.

*it’s very important to tell them you are bisexual even if you are 100% gay, don’t know why, it just is.

What an eye-opening example of a solid, patient approach! It’s really no wonder why this faggot was able to seduce this straight neighbor!

I wanted to add something to DSim’s final bit of advice. The reason why the “bisexual” trick works is because it makes the straight Man feel like it’s somewhat more normal and okay to have sex with another “dude” like himself. It links back to what I was describing earlier about making a Man feel comfortable and safe.

However, just as effective is my approach, which works the same way but from a different angle. I matter-of-factly state that I’m a faggot as if it were the most normal thing in the world (which it is, to me). This also puts the Man at ease, as he instantly understands that it’s no big deal AND I can be used because that is my actual function.

Regardless, with just a little forethought and courage, a lot of things you never expected could happen can definitely happen! Go out there and work on this effective technique!