Here is a picture of the gorgeous and athletic stud @soccerbro619 wearing some beautifully-white underwear.

After several days of use, he sold them unwashed to an online faggot. Here is the faggot with the underwear:

The faggot said this after deeply inhaling SoccerBro’s powerful scent:

Scent training is so utterly powerful. Men absolutely take this virtual superpower for granted, or dismiss it as “stinky” or “smelly.”

NO! A Man’s musk contains potent chemical markers that scramble a faggot’s mind and put the faggot under the Man’s smell.

And the faggot never forgets it!

Even now, years later, I will catch a whiff of a scent in a crowd that reminds me of certain Alphas I’ve served, and it never fails to take me back!

Men, don’t forget scent training as part of your regimen in reshaping your faggots!