This thread follows the story of Alpha Cody, a powerful straight college Alpha who has learned to use faggots for his own advantage. CLICK HERE to read all of these posts in chronological order!

Once an Alpha has broken through a faggot’s initial resistance and got it to accept a first breeding, there will always be the second round. Here’s where it gets interesting. This is the point when the Alpha can really cut loose and take the faggot even farther into subspace. The faggot’s resistance belied, it now has no opportunity to fight back against further intrusions by the Alpha that now owns it.

But often faggots still try to resist!

Master Cody discovered that his faggot roommate still has some fight left in it today, so Master Cody needed to introduce it to its new reality:

I headed back to the dorms about an hour and a half ago and saw my roommate’s car. Something just came over me.

I texted him to see if he was in. He said he was there but going to the library.  I told him to stay put and sent a pic of my hard dick. I got there and he had stayed put.  I didn’t think this would be a big deal.

But he tried to clap back at me. “That doesn’t mean I was going to do it again … you’re not entitled … That text was inappropriate.” It was so pathetic to listen to.

What he doesn’t know (and I know all too well) is that the path from angry to horny is really short. I just stay patient and let it run its course.  I took off my shirt and acted kind of douchey just to nudge him closer. I even complimented his cocksucking ability which he didn’t find amusing.

He was still arguing but he was flushed by then. I played with myself through my shorts a little. I came back around the desk and saw his little bulge and precum spot. I just kind of smirked. The words coming out of his mouth didn’t match what his body said. He looked so defeated and turned around in his chair. I told him no chair and to get on his knees.  He obeyed.

Truth be told, I hate getting my dick sucked standing up. But I couldn’t resist the sight at first. He would try to reach up and touch me and I swatted his hand away. A little negative reinforcement this time.  I exaggerated some muscle contraction, put my hands behind my head, stuff like that. I still made him look up at me. 

I did have to sit but I sat bare ass in his chair and let him gobble up. I was more aggressive with his head this time. When it came time I hugged the back of his head and held it down while I nutted down his throat.  He tapped my thigh trying to get me to let go.  Spit was going out the corners of his mouth.  I finally let him go and let him catch his breath.

That was about 30 minutes ago.  He wiped out his chair with a Clorox wipe (haha) and has been silent ever since while I just lay in my bed. It must be different when you have to share a space and have no other place to go. I wish I knew what he’s been thinking about these past several days. In my mind I wish I had worn him down earlier in the semester but I wasn’t really giving him a thought one way or another. He was just there. I did my own thing.

We get several lessons in this latest episode.

  1. Alphas have highly-evolved abilities to manipulate inferiors with little tests of devotion and confident displays of power.
  2. Bold maneuvers (like the text and pic) are wholly appropriate to use with faggots.
  3. Faggots will try to resist the advances of Alphas, but this is nothing but the weakest smokescreen. Alphas see through this, and the best Alphas don’t allow such protestations from stopping them.
  4. Verbal commands that are obeyed by the faggot give the Alpha consent to take whatever he wants.
  5. Making a faggot uncomfortable yields the best results.

Master Cody truly understands the needs of submissives and how to use those needs to his advantage. He’s mentioned to me privately that he uses many of these same techniques on females in order to help them through self-righteous objections and to the thing they both want – pleasure.

However, with faggots Master Cody has found the perfect foil for his overwhelming dominance. He can literally be as pushy, arrogant, and cruel as he wants to be and faggots will always come back for more. That kind of power cannot be replaced or faked.

So now Master Cody owns a live-in faggot. All that’s left to find out is how far can he take this new faggot. I have a feeling Master Cody will be eager to find out!