This thread follows Jamie, a faggot who began service to a straight Alpha named Dino that has lasted 15 years and led to marriage. CLICK HERE for all posts in this thread in chronological order!

When I first met Jamie months ago, its Master, Dino, seemed like some sort of extreme abstract painting of an Alpha. At first I wasn’t sure if it was possible for an Alpha to exist in the way Jamie described him.

Then I met Master Dino. The meeting was like a tomato meeting a runaway freight train; I had no chance. His long, scorched-earth missives were pure Alpha rage and hunger. The intensity of Master Dino is so electrifying that it becomes scary and can almost induce panic attacks. Despite all of that, Master Dino is easily one of the top Alphas ever featured on this website. I receive at least one request per week about him. Faggots around the world are drawn like moths to flame to his blinding light.

We hadn’t spoken to each other much over the last several weeks (except for me begging him to be interviewed for the podcast), but Master Dino has returned with perhaps one of the most startling developments to ever be published here. As the title above indicates, it involves his Alpha son Chad!

Here’s what he wrote:

faggot, When I awoke today after last nights happenings it was with a raging hard on. Heh heh Fortunately for Me (and My own faggot) I was in such a good mood last night I allowed My hole to do one of its favorite things–it slept with My dick in its mouth so when I woke and looked down it was good to see My property with a mouthful of dick. it was awake before Me (which is a requirement when I allow it to sleep with Me) with its eyes turned upward and an innocent, almost pleading expression on its face. Fuck that really gets me going and little whore KNOWS it does. Fuck, I just rolled over and fucked that mouth HARD until I ROARED and fed it. I was in such a good mood I let it suckle Me, gave it the 1st big piss of the day and then let it get another load at its leasure, which of course was almost immediately. I feel so fucking good I wanna feed every faggot alive today! Ha!

Okay, how’s that for an attention-getting opening? I was immediately straining against my chastity cage thinking, “what’s going on?”

Little did I suspect …

But I digress, last night I was called to the police station. My son had been at the center of some chaos and had been hauled in. They didn’t officially arrest Him but had called Me to come down. When I arrived there was “Chad” (not His name), of course, pissed off, belligerently smoking a cigarette with skinned knuckles, among other things. He’d obviously been fighting.

The chief, visibly unhappy at being roused from bed, asked Me to step into his office. Chad hadn’t seen Me yet so I followed the cop. We are familiar with each other, to say the least, from My own days of teenage testosterone and My work.

Now My son (who only weeks ago had punched thru puberty) was in shit. The cop proceeded to tell Me that My son, who’s 15 and looks amazingly like Me, had apparently been fucking some 17 year old female cunt and somehow got the cunt’s mother in bed with them. So He’s doing what any true Man would do and fucking them. They all lost track of time I guess and the dad came home, saw what happening and went berserk. Somehow a neighbor got involved and Chad beat the fuck out of the guys. (I later learned that after he had the guys down He pumped His load in the girl and when cops arrived he was smoking a cigarette and sitting on the dad’s chest rubbing his dick across the terrified dudes mouth, threatening to piss on him. Lol).

Anyway the cop said after he spoke with the people and told them who they’d just been bulldozed by, they dropped any charges for My word Chad wouldn’t ever come around. Of course I said I’d ‘see what I could do’ about that but not confirming that I would. Then I was lead to My son who was cockily sitting in a holding area bloodied but unbowed, wearing jeans and one sock and smugly smoking while sitting beside a NO SMOKING sign, the little prick. (GRIN)

I took Him home with Me. On the way I did give Him a ‘dad’s speech about doing shit that gets cops involved’ and the “Christ, Your mom has to be dealt with” jazz. I looked at My unrepentant Son and realized its was time for the talk, the Alpha talk. I’ve always made sure that Chad knew that a true Man is an Alpha Man that was born to fuck and rule but tempered that for a growing child. (I’m NOT an idiot, that kind of teaching is required until young minds are ready) I also always made it clear without any obvious distinction that His seed was meant for any type of hole He chose to fill. My children know of jamie but think it’s my servant and companion. It was now time Chad learned what jamie really is. But first everyone needed rest so we slept.

After jamie’s worship service on Me today I sent him to make our breakfast and I woke Chad. “Get up ya fucking punk” I said smiling. He opened His eyes and grinned like He had just been crowned king. I rubbed His head, punched His arm and told Him to follow me. Just as we sat down jamie put our plates before us and Chad looked at My bitch and asked, “you not having anything?” To which it smiled and replied, “I already had a huge breakfast” and it left the room chuckling.

We talked of the drama and His attitude was exactly what I expected. He told Me the story and ended with telling Me He felt entitled to the attention from the breeder cunts and that the men got what they deserved for “trying to mess with My getting a nut.”

I already knew He felt about women the way I do and I asked about Him sitting on dude’s chest. He said the dude deserved the humiliation and laughed. I asked Him what He felt at that moment. He kinda of grinned and said the one truth that made My chest swell with pride, “Dad, I felt like a fucking God!” I said, “that excited You didn’t it?” He looked at Me half comprehendly, half puzzled. We ate quietly for a moment then He said that I’d always been a great dad that he could talk to about anything. I thanked Him and asked what he was really trying to say and reminded Him of what He’d just said about our relationship and he said, with a wicked yet shy grin, “I feel like I should’ve fucked the dude for interrupting groove”.

YES! That’s MY son! That’s all I needed to hear.

After breakfast I took Him back to the livingroom where He’d slept and we talked for hours. 1st about His feelings on men,women, and Alpha Men. He had just the right attitude. I then told Him the story of My life, actually I told Him that I was a true Alpha God and I had Him check out the thread on your website. He read everything that pertained to Me (and some that didn’t, trying to wrap His head around the Alpha/faggot world) and My cuntwife. He said nothing until He read it all.

He finished and said, “Damn dad!” He sat back, lit up and said, “You mean jamie is… Damn dad! Fuck!”

I smiled and said, “You got something to say Boy?”

“No, I mean yeah. I mean it’s fucking incredible. God damn dad, You are a fucking stud aren’t You? Fuck dad, I always knew My pop was more than most men but God damn, my head is spinning pop. Yeah, I got something to say, tell me where to get My own fag!”

I told Him we’d get Him moved in here and we’d figure everything out, to just calm down and He’d be pumping His load into something before the day was over.

Just then jamie came in with My coffee. Now, all thru the years I’d told jamie My plan to have this talk with Chad and after I knew His feelings I’d decide the next move so jamie was totally prepared when I said, “bitch, suck My dick.” I opened My robe and jamie got to it quickly. I closed My eyes and laid My head back, enjoying showing Chad how much My cunt adored Me. I made a decision as I looked at My son. In about 2 minutes I dumped My seed and pushed My cunt all the way down on My dick, pumping My load down its throat. As always the bitch stayed on My rod until My nuts were totally empty, suckling My now soft dick for the last precious drops of my load. “Oh God, thank You Daddy” jaime whispered into the room as it rubbed its cheek on My leg hair that it loves so much.

Chad, teasing His old man, said, “Damn dad, don’t ya got any more than that?” and laughed.

I told Him while He needed to be taught a lot I didn’t think He needed instructions on how to get a nut, that I only wanted to bust a load before I left to check in at work.

Then I stood up and said, “I’ll be gone about 4 hours. Son, in that time jamie is gonna give You what it gave Me that first night. Let’s see if You are Man enough for all that worship, see if You can hold Your load until You’ve been bathed from top to bottom like Your old man. And I left the room to dress.

Before I left I stuck My head in to see how things were progressing. Chad was lying naked, soaking up all the worship. jamie was only up to His ankles but already His dick was standing proud and drooling precum-just like His dad. Neither had noticed Me yet but when jamie saw Me it stopped for a second, darted up to slurp off the precum running down Chad’s shaft,then went back to the exact spot it had left and started the worship again. When My bitch lapped up that juice Chad had gasped and His dick jerked, threatening to explode. If jamie had even put the head in its mouth Chad would have busted but My faggot is a great faggot and knew just how much it could do without making Chad blow His load.

Chad opened His eyes after He gasped and grinned at Me and said, “Dad, oh fuck, thanks dad. God damn I feel like I’m gonna bust any second. Is this what you get on a regular?”

I said, “Every day of My life son IF that’s what I want that day.”

“Fuck dad, I don’t know if I can hold out until he makes it all the way up.”

“it, son. it, not he” I corrected Him.

Just then jamie slurped up the precum again and Chad said distractedly, “Yeah, uh, it. Sorry dad. I uh, oh fuck dad, what if I cum before…”

I said, “If You gotta cum before it finishes just make sure and feed it Your load to show it that You think it did a good job. But You really need to learn control because controlling Your body and Your world is a big lesson to learn. And Your future faggots and cunts will be grateful in ways You can’t even imagine right now–especially the faggots. See ya later Boy”.

As I left I could hear Him gasp again and say, “God damn, stop for a second faggot! Oh God damn I almost…:” I smiled as I closed the door and thought, ” That’s My good faggot wife. And that’s MY SON!”

I’m at the office now. I’ll let You know what’s happening later. I’ve made plans for years for this moment. This is gonna be a busy time. Poor faggot. jamie is gonna be tested for strength and endurance. Hahaha Fuck it’s great being an Alpha Male!



First of all, you can hear a shift in Master Dino’s “voice” in this entry because he’s talking about his heir, his most prized son Chad. There’s a softness in his words, a deep affection.

I have covered a couple of instances when Alpha fathers have taught their sons (both Alpha and faggot) the truth about Hierarchy and purpose. Maybe the most notable example was when Sir Rob taught his 17-year-old Alpha son Master Kyle about the use and ownership of faggots. Now Master Kyle owns three caged faggots in addition to the many females he dates and/or fucks.

But imagine being a 15-year-old Alpha like Master Chad and discovering this deeper truth about his heritage! How powerful he must’ve felt when he pumped his first load into his father’s faggot!

Alphas are lions. The father lion protects his children and teaches them by example. How to hunt, capture, and kill lesser animals. They feast together, rule together.

Master Dino has taught his young lion Master Chad about his Hierarchical inheritance. Master Chad has tasted blood, and loves it.

Master Chad is now standing on the ledge of a mountain, looking down on the vastness of his domain. It all belongs to him, just as it has for the generations of Alphas who’ve ruled before him.

Just as Nature intended! Hierarchy is Truth!