This is part of a continuing thread isolating the rise of Supreme Alpha Dylan, brother of Alpha John and Master of the faggot CodyCLICK HERE for all of these posts in chronological order!

I’m not even sure how to handle this post. Suffice it to say at the outset that Master Dylan crafted an unforgettable weekend centered completely around his needs and the needs of his Alpha cock. There was so much worship and fag breeding involved that it’s difficult to even whittle it down into a manageable storyline.

It started Friday evening. Master Dylan took turns fucking Cody and Ethan (designated Fag2 by Master Dylan) and breeding them both. Fag2 then used its cooking skills to make Master Dylan a nice meal of chicken and veggies. After dinner, Cody was commanded to clean up the dishes while Master Dylan punched Fag2 in the stomach, then took Fag2 into the bedroom and fucked three loads into it as a reward for dinner. In the midst of the fucking Master Dylan took Fag2 into the shower and made it swallow his piss. 

After a full night of breeding, the three of them went to sleep. In the middle of the night Cody was awakened to the bed shaking and Fag2 crying loudly; Master Dylan woke Fag2 by mounting and raping it.  

Saturday morning the two faggots woke up to make Master Dylan a nice breakfast of waffles. Then it was time to unlock the chastity cages on both faggots for their cleaning. During this process, Cody accidentally became erect. Rather than punish Cody, Master Dylan forced Fag2 to suck its fag brother to completion. Fag2 dutifully swallowed Cody’s cum, but hated it.

Then Cody and Fag2 got in the shower together to get clean for the next rounds of fucking. While they showered, Master Dylan got on Grindr and found a 19-year-old virgin faggot online. He told the faggot to come to his house.

So then this happened:

Okay so it was supposed to be just Ethan and me right? So yesterday afternoon Master was fucking us and sometime rang the bell to his apt and I was like Shit someone called the cops cuz we were loud!

So Master was busy fucking Ethan and told me to handle it and I opened the door and the was this little twink kid and I thought like maybe he was selling candy bars or some shit door to door.

And he looked At me all confused and shit and I looked at him and it felt like we just stared at each other like forever and I asked him if he needed something and he said all confused that he had the wrong place and was looking for Dylan.

And Master Dylan comes out of the bedroom and OMG he looked so hot all naked with a massive boner and just like walked right up to the faggot and asked him his name and he started to give his real name and Master slapped him not hard across the face and asked him what his name was again and I saw how confused and scared the faggot was so I kinda whispered “I’m a faggot” in his ear and he told him that and Master Dylan told him to get on his knees and show him.

So Master Dylan relaxed on the couch and enjoyed a blowjob from Fag2 while ordering Fag3 (its new name, later changed to Pinky) to present itself for inspection. Then it was time for Master Dylan to fuck this new faggot.

Master Dylan took Fag3 into the bedroom with the other faggots. Master Dylan had Fag3 suck his cock to test its skills (needs work). Then Master Dylan told his other two faggots to take Fag3 into the shower and clean it thoroughly for fucking.

While in the shower Fag3 admitted to its fellow faggots that it was a virgin and actually just 17 years old!

Once Fag3 was clean, Master Dylan put it on its stomach on the bed. Then, after a brief 69 on the bed, Master Dylan put on a condom and mounted the faggot. He started slowly, using small thrusts until he was fully inside. Then he carefully fucked the faggot. During the process of deflowering Fag3 Cody stayed right by the faggot’s head with a bottle of poppers, occasionally giving the fag a hit in order to soothe the pain of violation.

After Master Dylan came in the condom, he ordered the other two faggots to leave the room. Then Master Dylan took off the used condom full of his seed and gave it to the faggot. The faggot greedily sucked the cum out of the condom. Master Dylan told the faggot to keep that condom as a memento of the fuck that took his virginity.

Then Master Dylan put Fag3 on its back with the fag’s legs on his shoulders and fucked it bareback. This time Master Dylan really fucked the faggot hard, finally popping the fag’s second ring and cunting it. Then he bred the new faggot.

Fag3 stayed for several hours as the fucking continued, but eventually it had to go home. Master Dylan continued fucking Cody and Fag2 the rest of the night.

On Sunday, Master Dylan fucked both faggots again and then sent them on their way. While he was alone, Fag3 called and begged to see its new Master. Once it arrived, the faggot got on its knees and admitted to Master Dylan that it was actually just 17 years old. As a reward for telling the truth, Master Dylan fucked and bred the faggot two more times before dismissing it.


Like I said at the beginning, I can’t even properly summarize the kind of weekend Master Dylan and his (now) three faggots experienced together. Or how many loads were deposited. 

Suffice it to say that Master Dylan has entered rarified air after this performance. The dominance, the control … they are next-level shows of force. Afterward, Master Dylan said he felt more powerful than ever before; he said he could actually feel power “surging” through his body. 

All I know is this – Master Dylan has changed, and nothing will ever be the same. He has been consulting with some Alpha brothers about how to handle his rapidly-growing Kingdom of faggot slaves. 

If anybody is capable of handling all of these eager faggots, it’s this new APEX Alpha.