This is part of a continuing series documenting the rise of Straight Alpha Nick, a college athlete and friend to Alpha Jin who has discovered faggot worship and now owns four live-in faggots. You can read all posts in this series in chronological order by CLICKING HERE!

Whenever Master Nick cleans the clits of his four live-in faggots, he has them each stand in the bathroom with their hands behind their backs. He unlocks them, washes their genitals, and then carefully re-locks the cage around their useless fag nubs.

He takes this precaution because he wants to ensure that his faggots remain chaste and temptation free as they serve him. Any amount of stimulation is cruel for a faggot living with enforced chastity.

Master Nick is very meticulous about how he handles and cares for his faggots because it cements the bond between an Owner and his property. Even with chastity there are depths and layers of meaning in the Alpha/fag dynamic, and Master Nick treats that pact with great care and respect.

But even a god can slip up once in a while.

This morning Master Nick forgot to lock away the key to the lock on Alex’s chastity cage after he cleaned Alex. After Master Nick left for the gym Alex noticed the key still sitting on the bathroom sink.

Alex contacted me and told me about it. I immediately implored him to not touch it and not unlock himself. Then I contacted Master Nick and informed him of his error.

“Should I go back home?” asked Master Nick urgently.

“No, Master … the faggot is obeying,” I replied.

And sure enough, little Alex resisted temptation! He admitted to me that it was very hard to resist – “I haven’t touched it in so long…” – but ultimately Alex sacrificed a moment of self-pleasure for a lifetime of respect from his Master.

And really, isn’t that the whole reason why we serve great Men? We sacrifice ourselves – our bodies, our time, our energy, our thoughts, our lives – to worship them completely. We surrender it all for their glory.

Alex proved that in a most beautiful way this morning.

But not only did Alex elevate his own service by that sacrifice, but he also demonstrated the power true Alphas exert over their faggots. Master Nick doesn’t need to be present to effect the lives and thoughts of his faggots; they obey regardless.

That is the kind of power and control borne out of RESPECT, not FEAR.

There is nothing in the world like the dynamic between a true Apex Alpha like Master Nick and an obedient, loyal faggot like Alex. It is an unspeakable bond that touches the most intrinsic aspects of Alpha masculinity. Concepts like ownership, loyalty, respect, obedience … these are all fundamentally important to real Men.

This is ultimately why they own us, and why we serve.

And when we obey and resist temptation, we make the hearts of our owners sing!