So today I recorded a podcast that I’m sure will be debated and referenced ad nauseum for a long time. To supplement that podcast is this post, where I break down what I consider to be the Ten Commandments of Faghood.

There is no way to truly boil down faghood into a simple set of rules. There are simply too many outside forces at play in the life of a true faggot, especially if it is a faggot serving an Alpha Master. However, I do think the following commandments capture the essential practices and mindset necessary to find fulfillment as a faggot.

Before I begin the top ten, I want to mention one runner up …

RUNNER UP: FOOT WORSHIP – Alphas love to have their feet worshiped. Their feet are an odd way to trigger their Alpha within. Faggots should learn how to properly massage and worship their Alpha’s feet, perform pedicures, and other useful techniques.

And now, onto the list proper:

10. FINANCIAL SERVICE – When I mention financial service, I’m not necessarily referring to financial domination (findom). I mean that a faggot should be ready and willing (and even eager) to give financial tributes and gifts to better the lives of their owners. After all, what is a faggot if it unwilling to surrender its treasure along with its life?

9. BREEDING – The act of breeding is a very profound and powerful statement of the ownership of a faggot by a Man. It is ownership on the INSIDE, as the Man’s semen becomes a part of the faggot’s body. Men want this form of ownership, and it’s a faggot’s duty to provide this.

8. DOMESTIC SERVICE – Some faggots complain about domestic service; they think it’s below them. It is not. It really is the fulfillment of a faggot’s life: selfless service. It really must be a part of the service faggots give to Men.

7. CLEAN SHAVEN – First of all, I’m NOT referring to beards and moustaches. I mean that, unless otherwise specified, a faggot should have its pubes, pussy, and body (if required) shaved or waxed. Men want to see clean, fresh faggot skin that they can use.

6. CHASTITY – Some Masters would probably put chastity at the top of this list, while others might leave it off entirely. I’m putting it on here because I have seen and experienced what chastity can do for a faggot’s mind and heart. At the very least chastity must be seriously considered for owned faggots.

5. SWALLOWING – One major Hierarchical involves cum. It cannot be wasted. So faggots who are performing oral service for their Alpha must swallow if he is not going to fuck it into the faggot’s pussy. Women spit. Faggots swallow.

4. CLEANLINESS – Anal sex requires a lot of work and commitment on the part of the faggot. An Alpha’s sex drive is unpredictable and endless. Faggots must be ready to be clean for their Alphas when they want to fuck. Part of that involves frequent enemas, but also involves dietary control.

3. TRAINING – Faggots should take their commission seriously by constantly striving to train themselves to improve their oral and anal skills. This involves dildo play, Kegel exercises, and deepthroat techniques. It’s a lifelong commitment.

2. OBEDIENCE – It should be so obvious, right? Faggots should be obedient to their Masters! And yet, mysteriously, so many faggots fail the test of obedience. It is a MUST.

1. HONORIFICS – An honorific is a title like “Mr.” to designate an elevated, formal status to a person. In Hierarchy, honorifics like “Sir” or “Master” should always be used in reference to Alphas. They are superior and deserve such respect. It is improper to address an Alpha plainly by his name., as if a faggot was his equal. They are not equal in any way.

These are my Ten Commandments of Faghood. What would you add or subtract? How would you order them?