For the sake of preservation, this thread endeavors to recreate the legendary Tumblr blog str8guys4fags2serve. Written by a young Apex Alpha, its bluntly honest revelations form the bedrock of Hierarchical truth found on this website and all others. I thank the anonymous Alpha writer for sharing his wisdom. This thread is a tribute to you, Sir. CLICK HERE for all of these posts in chronological order!

My fag of opportunity (Rich – see “Opportunity Knocks” below) called earlier this afternoon.  He said he missed me.  I explained that I had been out of town in Europe for a while.  He said he really needed my cock and asked if he could come over to give me a blow job and eat a load of my cum.  I said he needed to bring some cash.  I didn’t say how much and Rich didn’t ask.  Thirty minutes later, he was at my office.  “I’ve got some money” he said as he handed over a wad of cash and dropped to his knees between my spread legs.  I counted ten crisp $100 bills. “Is that enough?” he asked.  “I didn’t have time to go to the bank,” he explained.  I said nothing, but didn’t stop him from going down on my cock.  He spent about 15 minutes working a load out of me.  “Oh God!” he exclaimed.  “That was wonderful,” as he cleaned off my dick and tucked it back into my jeans. 

“You can go now.” I dismissed the bitch.  Rich left my office a happy man.  I know he considered it $1000 well spent.