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When I recorded podcast #145 about the “Cunting Of The Soul” I wasn’t really prepared well enough to get it out in a way that made a lot of sense. As a faggot, I see the outlines and shapes of things, but it takes minds more powerful than mine to fill in the details I cannot comprehend, especially when it involves Men and Alphahood.

I approached that episode the way a sculptor approaches a lump of clay. He starts by tearing away pieces, slapping new pieces on, and haphazardly – even roughly – shaping it until it begins to resemble something. That episode was the shape of something unfinished.

I was hoping that Alphas would hear the deeper wisdom of that episode and give me their insights. And fortunately that did happen in various ways.

But my favorite response happened in the comments section from Master Anonymous. I don’t know what else to call this Deep Throat of Alpha wisdom who keeps dropping pearls of truth in my comments section. All I know is I respect the high-quality contributions Master Anon provides on this site.

In his comment on the podcast episode, he lays out a concept I really love: The Total Fuck. It succinctly summarizes what I was inaccurately aiming at in the episode, and I had to share it.

I’ll just say that for years I’ve said that when I fuck, the mouth and pussy are simply the first portals. I aim to get my whole phallic self into the mind and what’s usually called the heart and soul of my ‘worshipper’. It’s important that the submissive empties him/her/itself of every kind of shit for two reasons 1) out of respect 2) to make maximum room for me to fully occupy, use and possess so that the entire slave or fag becomes nothing but 0, cocksleeve, complete cunt for the Man. This is only the beginning of the Total Fuck journey and it’s something I suspect most people know little about. Obviously it requires great trust and is potentially dangerous so it requires a Man who is very responsible to use BUT NOT TO ABUSE such a cunt-being psychologically as well as physically. It is rare but it is how a human can have an experience you could call a creative Big Bang, a uniting of yin and yang, and any similar terms cultures and traditions have come up with. Sam and other fags reading this: real manhood is not just about the physical body; there is so much potential to it that most are unaware of, so many more aspects, dimensions. (Just by writing this, I am ejaculating for you and it’s up to you if you want to open your mental cunts and take it in).

Now I’ve listened to it and what sam asks Alpha men about do we appreciate the power we have is a very important question. My belief, confirmed over time, is that our power should be used only for good – our own and that of our submissives – partly because that’s right and partly because you won’t get far along the journey to the deepest, best and completest TOTAL FUCK possible if you fuck up your fags in the process.

Master Anon is really zeroing in on something I called the “deep magic of Hierarchy” in the podcast, the almost mystical uniting of an Alpha and his faggot toward a singular purpose – the worship of Manhood, of Alphahood. It’s the combustible moment when an Alpha attains a god-like status thanks to the complete ownership of faggots.

The Total Fuck is an Alpha’s omnipotence in every aspect of his faggot’s life, even into the faggot’s very soul. We are talking about complete dominance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

It is an overwhelming concept. I’ve been at this level twice in my life, and those experiences are why I’m still writing today. They left me shaken and marked forever. If you’ve ever seen Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, you’ll remember the reaction of Richard Dreyfus after he’s experienced something so overwhelming that he can’t describe it, but he knows his life will never be the same.

That is the Total Fuck.

Alphas who achieve that level of absolute power – that cunting of the soul – reach a level beyond anything a silly pyramid graphic can ever describe.

After being a faggot and a student of Hierarchy for so many years, I’m still only scratching at the surface of the deep earth of Manhood. Below, I know that earth contains a wealth of diamonds and gold. The Men we worship are the treasure chests of such riches.

The Total Fuck is how we release it into the universe.