Last August I was contacted by an early-thirties faggot named Neil. He had just read my article “Finding An Alpha To Serve” (click here), and he was looking for tips on how to approach Alphas at the gym. I told him to approach an Alpha and offer to help him out in his routine (like spotting, etc.), and then eventually offer additional things as you get to know him. 

So fag Neil almost immediately focused on a young Alpha we shall call “Dante.” (later he found out the Alpha is 20 years old) and offered to put his weights away for him. He even used the word “Sir.” This is a picture of Alpha Dante from his social media:

The whole time Alpha Dante barely acknowledged fag Neil’s slavish devotion. Fag Neil seemed unsteady, thinking that this Alpha might not come around. I tried to reassure him to keep up with the long-play on this Alpha. 

Then things suddenly took a critical turn thanks to one huge element – fag Neil showed some courage! Continued after the jump!

Things progressed rapidly from there. Within a couple of weeks fag Neil was buying Alpha Dante’s supplements, and by the end of August fag Neil was cleaning Alpha Dante’s apartment. Whenever fag Neil would come over, Alpha Dante would take the fag’s phone from him so that his new fag would “be totally focused on (him).” 

I was begging fag Neil to write this experience up, but he never did. Then, fag Neil disappeared.

Fast forward to last Sunday. Fag Neil resurfaced to tell me about his life now. It seems that fag Neil has moved into Alpha Dante’s apartment to serve full time! The fag now cleans and acts as a chauffeur. Fag Neil even managed to convince Alpha Dante to start using his throat for pleasure. Here’s how fag Neil described the initial offer:

I noticed he was watching porn and jerking off while I was cleaning one day and I offered, I explained that it was just a hole and he should feel free to use it. Now he just clicks and points whenever he wants one but he always slaps me at the end to remind me that I am just an object not loved and it’s just him getting off.

So now fag Neil has found a dominant Alpha to serve full time! The service even includes body transformation, as Alpha Dante has been forcing fag Neil to gain a bunch of weight in order to make him less attractive to other Alphas. 

All of this has happened because one little faggot stepped up and bravely offered himself in service to an Alpha! 

If it happened for fag Neil, it can happen to you! So go forth bravely, brothers!