This thread follows the story of Alpha Cody, a powerful straight college Alpha who has learned to use faggots for his own advantage. CLICK HERE to read all of these posts in chronological order!

Okay, I was duped.

You might remember this recent question I received from a college Alpha who was thinking about trying to get his dorm roommate to suck his dick. Whenever I receive questions, unless they otherwise indicate, I answer presuming two things: (1) that the writer is being truthful, and (2) that the writer knows little about Hierarchical principles. This initial presumption of innocence has helped me find some incredible true stories (like Sir Rob and his Alpha son Master Kyle) that I might’ve been tempted to dismiss had I listened to my readers.

In the case of the question from the college Alpha above, my answer came from the point of view that the college Alpha had no prior experience with faggots.

SURPRISE! In follow-up emails I discovered that the college Alpha in question, Cody, has been using faggots for easy release and as playthings for his dominance since high school!

Alpha Cody initially emailed me back to inform me of his first attempt following my advice to get his dorm mate to suck his dick:

Hey it’s Cody.  The guy with the beta roommate. My first try didn’t work. I came out of the shower, opened my towel up, shook my dick, and did the whole “you know want it” thing. Our room door was open too. We live across from two girls. I’ve been on thin ice my first year for some of my bullshit. He got real uptight and told me to stop and wrap back up. Making him uncomfortable is like a hobby for me.  I even added, “come on I won’t tell anyone.”

I love the “first try” line, meaning Alpha Cody isn’t going to stop his efforts to get his dick down the roommate’s throat. Very Alpha!

But then came the shocker:

This dorm is full of thirsty dudes though. I went to one whose roomie is a music major and practices all evening and got my balls drained good. I drop by and he always makes time. His roomie’s gay too like most music majors. They won’t tag team tho.  I wish they would.  I’ve got 2 girls to do it before but not 2 guys.  I figured girls would be way more jealous.

Say WHAT?? It was such a casually tossed-off detail that I almost got whiplash from the shock of it. So then began a series of information-seeking questions from me trying to understand Alpha Cody’s life with faggots until this point. It turns out he is possibly the college Alpha of every faggot’s dreams.

A little bit about me: I was a high school triathlete.  The NCAA doesn’t have a men’s tri division.  That’s something I didn’t know. I was going to do a Team USA qualifier last year but most if not all the races were cancelled.  We’ll see about this year.  I’m really high energy.  I actually got worked up for mania when I was 12. My family has made peace with what I am and how I am.

I asked him about his use of faggots:

I dunno if they’re faggots like you talk about. I don’t do anything kinky with them or call them by certain names.  A lot of gay dudes just like my body, dick, and personality.  And I like to dominate whether it’s sexually, physically, academically, etc.  It’s a rush seeing a male on my dick.  I actually like the dorm fags I meet up with. We both want something from each other.   But it wouldn’t be nearly as fun as having my roomate cave.  The best blow jobs I ever get are from guys (or girls) who hate me. 

An example.  We had this faggy kid at school in the honors program and “Beta club” (hahahahahaha).  He accused me of getting softballed on my grades.  Challenged me to enter our qualifier for the National Academic Champion.  I whooped his ass in front of an audience.  It was beautiful.  He came up to me the next Monday and apologized for underestimating me.  It was pathetic.  I pretty much told him just to suck my dick.  And he did.  I nut all over him and walked out.  I dunno how he got out of school that day without anyone seeing him covered in cream. I have no “use” for faggots like you say except just to tease and torment, and to watch them turn red and get all hungry when I do it.  Fucking their mouth or ass is just a side benefit.  If I want real sexual pleasure I’ll fuck a girl.

Watching them submit is even more fun because they have no control when it happens. They fight it but they can’t beat their biology. I sound like a bastard but I’m good to people I respect.


The bravado and attitude are both perfect studies on Alphahood. Alpha Cody uses faggots like a typical straight Alpha does, for both recreational pleasure and dominant control. It’s all instinct with him. He knew to force that beta bitch to its knees and cum all over it as a way to reestablish Hierarchical order.

Speaking of instinct, how did you like that line about how faggots “can’t beat their biology”? He instinctively understands that faggots will fight it but ultimately they cannot resist the thing they were born to do: serve Men like him.

It’s always exhilarating to communicate with Alphas like Cody who have such a firm command of Hierarchical principles at a young age. It’s like witnessing a miracle of the natural world occur right in front of your eyes!

And I’m fully expecting this beta roommate to submit to Alpha Cody’s insistent demands soon. The truth remains the same – Alphas like him always get what they want eventually.