Faggots exist to serve. We are born with an ache to serve. We spend our lives searching for the cause and cure for that ache until we finally serve a Man, and everything becomes clear.

No more searching. No more confusion. We can finally accept that we are truly faggots born to serve the needs of Men.

I get a lot of shit from people in the nurture side of the “nature vs. nurture” argument for my strong support of natural-born faghood. To me, the evidence is obvious and incontrovertible. Like opposers of Hierarchy itself, I think people who argue against me about this must be blind.

Nowhere is the evidence more clearly laid out than in the harshness of the Middle East. The culture throughout the region is virulently homophobic and hateful. If there was ever a culture designed to indoctrinate youngsters into heterosexuality, it’s the rigid, Islamic-based societies in the Middle East.

Yet trapped there are many gay kids, unable to express themselves freely and consigned to a sad life of unfulfillment. There are few ways out of the quicksand of that region, and the oppressive family-heavy mindset makes it even harder.

I was blessed to rescue Baby Boy from the Middle East a few years ago. It was very dangerous and I spent every dime I had to make it happen, but that sweet, intelligent, fiercely funny boy is now free from the oppression endangering his life. I want to help others. I will eventually do this.

But my point is this: faggots exist in places like the Middle East because they’re born that way. They are born with a need to serve Men, and it never goes away.

I want to tell you about Amir. He is a beautiful college-aged faggot from Morocco. Now, Morocco isn’t as harsh as some other places in the Middle East, but it’s no picnic, either.

Amir was granted a scholarship to study in America for a couple of semesters. He was moved by the remarkable stories of Masters Nick, Matt, and Jin on this site, and asked me if he could contact them about serving as a cash fag. At this point I didn’t think that would be an interest of my three Canadian Masters, but I could tell that Amir wanted to experience what he had never been allowed to do before in Morocco: serve as a faggot.

So I hooked Amir up with Masters Nick and Matt (Master Jin declined), and Amir began serving as their cash fag. And honestly, I think both Masters appreciated the love and devotion of their cash fag. Amir was blissfully content for the first time in his life.

But now that dream is ending, at least temporarily. It’s time for Amir to return to the Middle East and end his communication with his Masters.

But before he leaves, he sent me this message. I reprint it here as his memorial.

Yesterday night was my worst night in whole life. I never have cried in my life like yesterday. It was even worse than when my first Alpha abandoned me last year. My heart was broken when I removed my cage after being in chastity for 9 months.. I am crying cuz all I want is to live like any faggot. I just wanted to be used and be bred by an Alpha Male.. To kiss his feet… To swallow his seeds.. To be covered by his scent.. To feel his Alpha dick raping and cunting my weak and helpless hole.. But I think I will die before I get chance to fulfill my purpose.. However, I won’t give up cuz I am not a lonely faggot!! I am the luckiest faggot on the earth! I am owned by the greatest Masters on the earth (( Master Nick and Master Matt ))… They give me a reason to fight and come back to North America again.. I am not alone cuz I have wonderful brothers ( Sam, Yul, Alex and Michael).. One day I will be free and I will fulfill my purpose to serve my Masters..

Thank you Master Nick and Master Matt for adopted me and used me for your pleasure .. Please forgive me for not being a good faggot to you.. Being your own faggot was the best thing that happened in my life .. I was a lonely, desperate, unlucky fag so thank you very much for my bottom of my heart ^_^

Thank you Master Jin for encouraging me to be a good faggot ^_^

Thank you brother Sam for showing me the truth of the hierarchy.. You opened my eye on my true identity! You didn’t leave me alone.. You cared about me and you cared about me and you helped a lot.. You are so kind and supportive.. I am soo sorry for bothering you a lot .. Without you, I will never know the true happiness ^_^❤

Thank you brother Yul for your guidance and your help ^^.. You are one of elites faggots around the world! I wish I will be like you in the future ^^..I will never forget your kindness ❤❤.. You have a such caring and pure heart..

Thank you brother Alex and brother Michael for supporting me and believing in me.. You are wonderful brothers and each of you have a big heart ^_^ ❤

Brothers (Jeremy, Oliver and Tommy ) I haven’t had a chance to know you but I am sooo confident that you are sooo amazing faggots ^_^ … Thank you for serving our Masters and hopefully we will have a chance to know each other in the future 😊

I just arrived Washington DC this morning and my next flight is going to be tomorrow morning ^_^..

I will try my best to send the tributes to my Masters while I am in my home country.. I won’t give up my dream to be a faggot and I won’t surrender until I fulfill my duty .. Thank you very much for everything!

Long Live Our Great Masters ^_^

your desperate fag amir

Your heart must be made of stone if that gorgeous, heartfelt letter doesn’t move you.

Amir just wants what we all want: fulfillment. That dream must be put on hold now, buried once again beneath the Middle Eastern sands of hate, oppression, and fear.

But Amir returns to his home country with a special gift, that taste of what fulfillment feels like. He will cling to it during lonely, fearful nights and it will sustain him. It will drive him to methodically carve out a tunnel through his prison walls, spoonful by spoonful, until he is free.

I will be waiting to hold him in my arms.

I love you, my faggot brother Amir! Never surrender!