For the sake of preservation, this thread endeavors to recreate the legendary Tumblr blog str8guys4fags2serve. Written by a young Apex Alpha, its bluntly honest revelations form the bedrock of Hierarchical truth found on this website and all others. I thank the anonymous Alpha writer for sharing his wisdom. This thread is a tribute to you, Sir. CLICK HERE for all of these posts in chronological order!

At the urging of some of my buds, I am starting this blog to set out my theory and practices in how a real man uses his fags.  A man understands that fags are put on Earth to serve men such as themselves.  A Real Man knows this, understands this and accepts the worshipful service of fags as his natural due.  

Even as a boy, i understood certain things.  I knew that I was a superior guy, a natural athlete and that I was born to succeed in life.  I understood that most guys around me were inferior, and that they could find fulfillment and purpose in their lives by serving men such as me.  I came to realize, early on, that this is the natural order of things – that some men are superior, and that others are born to serve Superior Men; that they NEED to serve Superior Men. 

My first experience in commanding the respect and service of fags was when I was in high school.  I learned that some men just simply needed to give me things and to worship my body; that it gave them deep satisfaction to sacrifice for me.  And I learned that sometimes a Man just can’t have all of his sexual needs served.  The girl may be having her period or sick or tired or otherwise unwilling.  Such a girl rarely gets a second date, but still, the Man’s needs are unmet.  That’s when the fag comes in so handy.  And fags are so willing.  A Man can call them at the last minute, in the middle of the night, or while they are in the midst of doing something that the believe is important to them.  Nonetheless, the fag will drop everything, and brave the gloom of night or awful weather to come to me and service my needs.  And the fag will be grateful.

From that realization, it was only a short step to being aggressive and affirmative in manipulating fags, mind-fucking them, and putting them in the context of their place in the real world.  I see this not so much as controlling them as in giving their miserable lives meaning and purpose.  I see this is my gift to fagdom.

In this blog, I will discuss my experiences in using and manipulating fags, and in enriching my life through their service.  I will discuss some of my past experiences and whatsis going on in my life right now.  I don’t think that I know it all, and I certainly am willing to learn from Men with greater experience.  But i do think I have something to offer other Real Men who understand and are comfortable with their superiority.

About me:  I’m now 22 years old, college grad and professionally employed, about 6 feet tall, firm, muscular body of an athlete (which I am).  Naturally smooth.  Jet black hair, piercing blue eyes, impressively hung and insatiably horny.

I’ll also post pics that I find on the web or in other Tumblrs.  I’ll try to avoid the cute captions.