The Voice And Dick Of Master Kyle

One of the great moments of this site’s history came the day Sir Rob anonymously wrote to me to ask if he should teach his Alpha son Kyle about using faggots.

Once I discovered it was not only real, but that Master Kyle was also an Apex Alpha of startling power, the entire site coalesced around his growing legend.

However, despite even providing a video of his dick swinging in some grey sweatpants, people have persisted in thinking that Masters Rob and Kyle are not real! 🙄🙄🙄

So today for Christmas Master Kyle surprised me with a little personal video he recorded in a whisper due to a house full of family (you’ll need to turn up the volume to hear him).

“You like getting fucked with a big dick, huh … you like that faggot … come get daddy’s big dick.”

So we were chatting about how people don’t believe he’s real. So he sent me a second video where he mentions me and his father for further proof.

“This is Sir Ky, son of Sir Rob … come submit to my big dick just like faggot sam did.”

I thought it was interesting that he called himself “Sir Ky”. When I began writing about this situation, I asked Sir Rob how he wanted to be addressed in the article, and he very specifically said he wanted to be called “Sir Rob” rather than Master. I wonder if Master Kyle’s use of “Sir” here comes from his father.

But anyway, there you go. I share my Christmas gift from this amazing young Alpha with you all because some douchebags are calling me a liar.

Thank you Master Kyle for your kindness, patience, and generosity!