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In the last couple of months my end of Twitter has been a-buzz with the arrival of an Alpha who calls himself Master David (@davidtentwoone). His exquisitely-written tweets, featuring ruminations on the ownership and nature of submissive boys and slaves, have rightly captured the imaginations of subs hungry for proper direction.

I, for one, was incredibly relieved to have him suddenly appear on the scene like an oasis in the desert. I constantly fight for the rights and self-esteem of faggots and slaves, but, as a faggot myself, I struggle to make the kind of impression that an Alpha like Master David can. So I began relentlessly promoting his tweets across my social media from the moment he appeared in the hope that his wise take on Dominance and submission would correctly mold the minds of these boys.

Still, I wanted to know more about the magnetic Man behind the account. I offered to interview him on the podcast (what a dream conversation that would be!), but he politely declined. He did, however, allow me to ask some questions to flesh out his life story.

Master David is currently 48 years old. He’s a married Alpha with an unspecified number of children. While largely a straight Alpha (he eschews labels like “straight” or “gay”), his first sexual encounter was with his best friend when he was 16 years old. Despite the early sexual relationship, they have remained close over the many decades. His best friend is, like Master David, married with kids and works as a chiropractor.

Interestingly, despite his early exposure to both gay sex and the roles that come naturally with it, Master David didn’t really come to understand the Dom/sub dynamic until about ten years ago.

Over the last 10 years I’ve come to understand the inner desire of some boys to want to
serve and give of themselves to other men. I’ve come to learn that this role brings them
peace and solace. I’ve also learned that I enjoy receiving their gift. It makes me feel
strength and drives me to be worthy of their sacrifice. I find it a beautiful thing providing
the space for a boy to live himself fully.

The first boy Master David owned after that realization was a 19-year-old sub named Jake.

Jake was a 19yo Law Student. He really opened my eyes to the satisfaction service gave him and how he needed all I could give him to feel alive. It really was an awakening for both of us at the time.

It was through the ownership of Jake that Master David first truly experienced his Alphahood:

I expect it was a moment with Jake. Jake was a magnificent specimen of boyhood, intelligent, physically strong, the world at his feet, yet I vividly remember a moment where he was at my feet, covered in my nectar and my piss, his face red and covered in his throat slime a consequence of the exertion I had submitted him to, yet he looked up at me with such devotion, such genuine appreciation for all that I was to him. I look back at that moment and realized I gave him what he needed, and he allowed me to be all that I need to be. Both of us living our purpose and gaining strength from the experience.

I think it’s fascinating to hear how Men come to embrace their Alphahood, and Master David’s experience did not disappoint. In fact, his Alphahood has proven to be deeper and longer-lasting than that of most of his Alpha brothers, which I suppose I did expect from him.

From there, I asked a series of questions to plumb the depths of Master David’s insight. I leave them here unedited so you can enjoy them as much as I did.

Do you believe that Alphahood/faghood are inborn traits given to us at a genetic level,
or something we learn or choose?

I believe it is a mix of nature and nurture. I believe we are born with innate
characteristics which are shaped by experience. A boy may have overcome his nature of
submission and built a successful career where he leads for example, yet he will come
to me and call me Sir. His experience has taught him to parody what society expects,
yet his nature needs to be exercised through service.

Do you think we can escape what we are Hierarchically or change roles?

I expect there are elements of each of the roles within us. Experience and time may
allow an individual to take different roles at different times in his life, but generally I
believe you are either a natural leader or you’re not. Yes, the skills of leadership can be
taught, but you will need to work harder at them. And frankly, I don’t see the point of
being anything other than who you are. All roles are beautiful and should be celebrated
in their own right.

What is the longest period of ownership you’ve had over a faggot/boy?

I’ve built some of the deepest relationships in my life with boys I’ve owned. While
ownership will take different forms as circumstances change, the connections remain.
One boy I met with he was 18 and he is now 30. He served me for several years and I
was master of ceremony at his wedding and am Godfather to his son. His wife knows I
am important in his life, but not the nature of our relationship.

Do you believe the word “faggot” is useful or detrimental?

It’s not a word I use. I don’t generally use ripe language, so it doesn’t sit well with me.
However, I do see the power of appropriating a word that others would use as insult, as
a means of gaining strength. One of my boys would dearly love me to insult him and call
him names like this, it’s just not what I do so we find other Sir’s to meet this need.

What are your thoughts on chastity?

I think it is to be encouraged. It is a powerful symbol of submission and a constant
reminder of ownership. While it is challenging, the challenge brings a boy and his Sir
closer. There is no running away when things get tough, and there is a deep bond that
develops that cannot be replicated as quickly or as powerfully thought other means.

If you must discipline, what do you consider to be the most effective method?

I tend to attract a more intelligent boy into service. As such, I find that I merely need to
point out their misdemeanour and they will be harder on themselves than I ever would.
The power of disappointment is often overlooked. However, I do find traditional means
of discipline very useful in other circumstances. Corner time, spanking, whipping etc.
are very useful to help a boy get out of his head. I find many boys over think things and
can get into a spiral of self-doubt and self-destructive thoughts. Traditional discipline,
together with genuine aftercare is a trusted way of breaking this cycle.

You speak a lot about purpose. What do you think is the purpose of both Alphas and

I believe purpose is about living what is deep in your nature. For a boy, the need to
submit is often recognised, but the pressure of others expectations keep it hidden. I find
it a waste that a boy may live his life never really experiencing all that he was born to be.
Submission is a beautiful gift and needs to be celebrated and cherished, not hidden
away and unexplored. Similarly, for Sir’s and Masters, society’s expectations often limit
what we dare to expect as our own. Leadership is equally beautiful and needs to be cherished by the boys who need it. I believe we need to all stop living to other’s expectations and live our truth and be truly authentic with ourselves. To live an authentic life, is to live a happy life.

You said you currently owned a boy and had five in training. How does this boy
serve? What are your plans for the others?

My best boy serves in person and online when we are apart. We see each other when
we can and speak every day. As my feed shows his morning and evening presentations
are often the highlight of my day. He is locked for me and will remain locked
permanently. It is right for him, and right for us. I started my training programme as I believe it a tragedy for so many boys to live a life without experiencing the joys of service. There are 30 lessons in the course each exploring a different element of service. In truth most boys drop out in lesson two, but
those who continue go on to excel and learn what it is they need to do to find a worthy
Sir. When they complete the course, they are exhibited in the hope of finding them a
permanent owner. While I’m open to owning more boys, I require in person service, so logistics are a

What are your thoughts on findom?

Findom is a very valid expression of submission and I know many boys enjoy it. My
concern are the unscrupulous people out there who call themselves “Masters” who are
no more than charlatans. Expressing gratitude with gifts is as old as history. I simply
suggest that boys ensure those who they tribute are worthy of their attention and
generosity. In my own situation, I often take control of a boys assets and finances. I do this because
I am very comfortable with money management and I find decisions easy to make. For
me it’s part of the responsibility of ownership. If a boy chooses to use some of his
allowance to buy me gifts all I see is a boy devoted to his Sir, and that makes me happy.

Do you believe in breeding?

I think there is nothing more natural that a boy wanting to receive his Sir’s seed. It’s a
deep and powerful way of building connection. It is honest and true and as it should be.

What is the most perfect experience you’ve yet had with a faggot/boy?

Without doubt the most perfect experience has been the deep and long-lasting
connection I’ve developed with my boys. I know I will be part of their life for a long time
and that connection brings me great joy. Service and ownership are so much more than
the sex or the play. In fact, I don’t do role play. I simply explore the roles we enjoy in all
its forms and stretch and challenge the boundaries of what is possible. Sometimes that
involves sex and play, sometimes so much more.

What are your thoughts on fringe activities like piss play, rimming, etc.?

I believe we should cease judging what other people enjoy, and focus on exploring our
own boundaries. Over the years my repertoire of activities has broadened and changed
and at this stage I doubt I’d say no to much within the right context. I encourage
everyone to explore all play and to keep an open mind.

Is foot worship important to you and why or why not?

I very much enjoy foot worship most particularly because I enjoy massage of any type.
A boy on his knees massaging and worshipping my feet as we chat about whatever
concerns or amuses us is one of my happiest thoughts. While I recognise this scene
doesn’t fit the traditional view of foot worship, for me is says everything about what it
means to be a Sir and a boy.

Some of the subs who’ve served you or were owned by you went on to get
married and have kids. Do you consider that to be a mistake of self-denial? To what do
you attribute that clear misdirection of their lives?

I believe the two boys who went on to live a more traditional lives came from
backgrounds which placed huge expectations on them. I expect in time their true nature
will bubble to the surface and the energy required to suppress it will overwhelm them.
However, I don’t believe sexuality has much to do with service. The need for a boy to
serve transcends who he is attracted to. Serving a Sir who is worthy and gaining
satisfaction from the act of worship is only loosely related to any concept of sexuality in
my experience.

Do you have your training program written down? Is it published somewhere?

No, my programme is evolving all the time as different boys provide feedback. There
seems to be two types of boys, those that drop out early and clearly don’t have the
stamina required for service, and those who move through lesson and complete the full
journey. At the end of the course a boy will have had a taste of much of what might be
expected of him in service and will have developed his hard and soft limits.

Which do you prefer? Fucking a boy’s pussy or fucking his throat?

I find them both enjoyable, but I would say my favourite is whichever the boy struggles
most with. Service is about growth and if you are not challenged, you are not growing.

What an undeserved privilege it was to finally get a glimpse at the Man behind the intriguing Twitter account! He did not disappoint!

I am hoping that he will continue to be so honest and transparent as he expands his empire of servants and worshipers! I know I will be among the throng kneeling at his feet! Thank you, Master David!