The Wrestler (Or, How Bravery Pays Off Again)

If you’ve been watching this space recently you may recall a series of anonymous asks from a college fag (who only recently came out as gay) who had his eye on a college wrestler in his dorm. At first the fag was unsure if he should even try to talk to this Alpha (QUESTION #1 CLICK HERE). But the fag took my advice and began talking to this Alpha, even disclosing to the Alpha that he was gay (QUESTION #2 CLICK HERE). By the third question, the fag had begun ramping up service for this Alpha, and incorporating submissive language as I instructed (QUESTION #3 CLICK HERE). After that, we moved the conversation off the front page of the site, and talked one-on-one. 

Then a couple of days ago the fag texted me excitedly to tell me that the Alpha had invited him to come over to watch sports with some of his friends on Saturday night (last night). The texts understandably grew more panicked as the big day approached. We formulated a plan that would involve the fag bringing drinks and snacks over and possibly serving the group while they watched the game. 

So a few hours before game time, I receive this message:

A few hours pass. I’m intermittently checking my phone to see if there are any updates. Then, this comes in:

After that, radio silence.

This is always the most anxious time for me, because I never know if I’m encouraging a fag brother into some sort of danger when I tell them to be brave. I know it’s worked many times for me, but that doesn’t mean something can’t go wrong for one of them.

Then – finally – this morning I receive this text:

Needless to say, I was OVERJOYED and had to find out what happened! So I’ll let my little fag brother tell it himself:


Can you imagine the amount of bravery required to pull off something like this? To essentially place your neck across the chopping block and offer yourself as a sacrifice to a room full of Alpha Males? To have the Alpha you’ve been fantasizing about accept your worship and use you for his own pleasure?? 

I’ve been there! I KNOW WHAT THIS FEELS LIKE – it feels like you’re twirling in a tornado on your way to a Technicolor Oz. You’re dizzy and disoriented, suspended in midair like a feather, terrified of the ride but even more fearful of the crash.

My little brother took a ride on that tornado and got to experience that wonderland firsthand. I’m so happy for him!

This … this is why I keep telling faggots to be brave, to reach out desperately for opportunities to serve. 

This is where you find fulfillment. This is where you find peace.