This is part of a continuing series documenting the rise of Straight Alpha Nick, a college athlete and friend to Alpha Jin who has discovered faggot worship and now owns four live-in faggots. You can read all posts in this series in chronological order by CLICKING HERE

Let me begin this monumental post by stating this: Master Nick, the straight college Alpha who discovered fag ownership last fall in part through this website, is an unparalleled human god of limitless power, compassion, wisdom, and genuine goodness. His journey toward Apex Alphahood has been the most astounding Hierarchical achievement I’ve ever witnessed. He is a Protector Alpha unequaled among Men. He has significantly changed the faggots who have come under his care … and he’s changed me as well.

So this post, like all things here, is dedicated to him and his unending glory.

This wide-ranging post is titled “Transformation” for a reason, because many profound changes are happening in the Kingdom of Master Nick. And, as always, he is handling these changes with fairness, kindness, wisdom, and benevolence. If the God of the Bible showed the kind of qualities found in Master Nick, many more people would be drawn to believe in him.

So let’s begin.


Master Nick is a straight Alpha Male. Like most other straight Alphas who own/use faggots, Master Nick is still attracted to females and enjoys romantic relationships with them.

The entire time Master Nick has owned faggots he has been seriously dating a female. And, much to his credit, he kept the two sides of his life seamlessly separated. He was able to drench his four faggots with daily doses of his cum, and then also keep his girlfriend satisfied as well. It’s really a credit to his power that he was able to maintain that type of life for so long when so many lesser Men would’ve crumbled.

As I wrote recently (HERE) some ignorant faggot contacted Master Nick’s girlfriend and informed her about Master Nick’s harem of live-in faggots. This understandably caused a firestorm between the two of them, and Master Nick did his best to assuage her concerns.

But the trust was broken, and there was no returning to their former happiness. And ultimately, Master Nick knew that he owned these precious faggots, and he loves owning them. So the couple broke up a couple of weeks ago.


Recently I mentioned that Chin, the Patient Zero faggot of this entire Toronto experience (remember “The Tree Of Chin”? CLICK HERE), was planning on moving to Montreal for school and to reunite with his first Master, Jin. I guess I figured that move was going to happen later this summer.

Nope. It’s happening next week.

In a move of stunning magnanimity, Master Nick volunteered to drive Chin five hours to Montreal to start his new life in service to Master Jin once more. Master Nick will stay the night at Master Jin’s place (and likely breeding Chin with him) before driving five hours home.

Why is Master Nick taking this extraordinary step? “Chin is my faggot and my property, so I want to make sure I deliver him to Jin properly,” said this beautiful Alpha.

Words truly fail me when trying to capture the wonders of Master Nick. The fact that he would take personal responsibility for the safe delivery of Chin to his new (albeit old) Master is mindblowing to me. Faggots simply don’t receive this kind of tender affection from Alphas of any variety, and especially not from straight Alphas.

As for my brother Chin, he is in safe hands. Master Jin is eager to have his faggot back under the same roof so he can have a cumdump ready to take his cock whenever he needs to unload, in addition to all of the other services Chin readily supplies. Master Jin also has a girlfriend, but as he and Master Nick have noticed, girls don’t please Men the way faggots do.

So it looked like Master Nick’s Kingdom might be reduced to three faggots. But of course, Nature has a way of restoring balance …


Yul’s good friend from college is a young virgin named Oliver. Recently Yul has been bringing Oliver around the gang at the house, and eventually Master Nick spied the attractive little kid. “I keep thinking about Oliver’s lips around my dick,” was one of Master Nick’s earliest expressions to me about Oliver.

So it was inevitable that Yul would influence Oliver to allow Master Nick to claim him as another one of his owned faggots. A week ago Yul took Oliver out and waxed him completely smooth (Oliver loved the feeling!). Then Yul had Oliver try on some of the female panties in his growing collection (which Oliver also loved). Deep in Oliver’s soul, a new feeling was emerging – the desire to be deflowered and owned by Master Nick.

And Master Nick is quite keen to do it, too. He’s ordered a chastity cage for Oliver (an exact replica of Yul’s) in preparation for ownership. If you’re keeping score, Oliver will be the fourth faggot deflowered by Master Nick’s enormous cock in just under ten months.


A few weeks ago I mentioned that there was an issue in the house regarding one of the faggots struggling with a personal issue. Well, I’ve been given permission by “the family” to discuss it now.

For some time Yul, one of the steadiest faggots in the house, has been dealing with transgender issues. These were poorly understood before, but the more Yul was bred by Master Nick and feminized (like wearing panties, etc.), the stronger were Yul’s desires to transition into a female.

So troubling were these powerful new emotions that Yul began resorting to cutting himself. Normally the most agreeable of faggots, Yul was suddenly acting out. Master Nick didn’t notice these things at first – he was busy dealing with an enraged girlfriend – but soon the issue became unavoidable.

I gently encouraged Yul to go confess his issues to Master Nick. Yul was terrified of that idea, afraid that Master Nick might throw him out of the house. But I had complete confidence that Master Nick would do the exact opposite.

So Yul humbly told Master Nick about his desire to become a female, and about his recent episodes with cutting himself. It took a lot of courage for Yul to do that, and there were many tears shed that night.

And Master Nick, as he often does, not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. He immediately called and set up an appointment to see a counselor at school to discuss Yul’s transgender issues. Then Master Nick signed them up to join a group of local transgender people.

And through all of these meetings, Master Nick was right next to his faggot Yul. Master Nick even held Yul’s hand to comfort him throughout the entirety of their first group session!

I asked Master Nick how he handled the meeting. “It was very uncomfortable,” he said matter-of-factly, “but Yul is my faggot and I need to support him.”

Then Master Nick added this: “I have a lot to learn, and I need to grow.”

I feel confident in saying that there is no Alpha straight or gay on Master Nick’s level. I have served some of the best Men I’ve ever known personally, and none of them could comprehend the depth and breadth of Master Nick’s Alphahood. It’s like Master Nick is playing 20-dimensional chess while all other Alphas are playing Tiddlywinks.

He’s so far beyond the barriers of our world that even God is struggling to keep up with him.

All I know is that my faggot brothers living with him and serving him every day are the luckiest faggots to ever live and breathe on this big, beautiful planet.

And Master Nick makes me so very grateful to be a faggot alive today. As an experienced faggot, I’ve seen good and bad Men. I’ve experienced a lot of joys and terrifying moments at the hands of those Men. So when I say that Master Nick is the greatest Alpha I’ve ever known, I say it with complete confidence and conviction.

One of the great gifts of surviving my brush with death from cancer two years ago was meeting Master Nick. He is the dream come to glorious life, the ideal, and the reason we serve.

He is a King, Our King. My King.

I’ll kneel forever at his feet.