This thread follows the story of Trey, a faggot who was outed and eventually enslaved by his Alpha co-worker. CLICK HERE to follow this true story in chronological order!

After yesterday’s stunning story about Trey the faggot and his subjugation by the power of an Alpha co-worker, I was much more thrilled about this development than Trey himself. While Trey seemed wilted and defeated by this spectacular Hierarchical defeat, I was flying. It inspired me to praise this Alpha’s power in Hierarchy 89, but I still wasn’t done.

In frantic emails to Trey, I instructed him to contact this Alpha and ask him a simple question: “When did you first realize that I was a faggot?” I wanted Trey to ask him this specific question because it takes the Alpha out of pure instinct and forces him to analyze his actions with his conscious mind. I really wanted to know if this Alpha understood what he really wanted from this office faggot.

The Alpha’s response exceeded my wildest dreams.

Trey almost immediately wrote back:

I asked and he just replied.   He said he didn’t know immediately but he suspected and that the first time he told me to get his coffee was a test.   He said he knew after that I was a faggot and that he does own me.    It’s Crazy to hear him say that.  


So then I told Trey to ask him if he’s ever owned a faggot before, and how Trey might be able to serve more satisfactorily. The Alpha again responded quickly.

He’s never owned one before.   But he said I’ll be cleaning his feet with my tongue tomorrow.  

Then Trey added:

I’m both humiliated and desperate to clean his feet for him.

Then, unexpectedly, the Alpha turned up the heat:

He wants me to come over tonight since I brought it up.   

AWESOME! I gave Trey some quick advice on how to properly navigate this astonishing new development, and Trey disappeared to confront his destiny.

A few hours later, Trey began writing me about his experience:

I drove over there.   He lets me in and immediately has me take off my clothes.   He tells me to get him a beer and I did.    Then he told me to kneel in front of him.  He was sitting on the sofa.   He had me clean his shoes with my tongue.   Then take them off.   Then he had me clean his socks with my mouth.    And when I took those off he had me clean his feet all over.

After I cleaned his feet he wanted to watch tv so he just had me on all fours as he used me as a footrest. He said this is only the beginning.   Then he took my clothes and sent me home in just my underwear.    

I still can’t believe it.

This is the kind of life experience that can happen when a faggot admits its truth and submits to true Alpha power! I was so proud of my brother!

But the Alpha was just getting warmed up. This morning I received an email from Trey:

He came into my office and propped his feet up on my desk.   He says he thinks I should be in a cubicle and he should have the office.    I’m not sure what to think about that.  

In response I told Trey that he knew what he was supposed to do. A while later came Trey’s reply:

I’ve officially given him my office.

What a spectacular turnaround! A lot can change in just one day when a true faggot submits to a true Alpha!

So what do we learn from this incredible example?

First and foremost, we faggots learn from Trey that being open to the possibilities of service and then submitting to them yields mouth-watering opportunities to be owned by superior Men! As Trey’s experience shows, when we let our guard down and submit to Men, they know exactly what to do with us and will take control.

Which leads me to the other lesson for Alphas: the world is yours. Faggots and their worship belongs to you, so simply take it. Use it. Bask in it. Become drunk on the power of it. You don’t need to be shy or uncomfortable about taking what you want from faggots … your desires and needs are Hierarchically correct. Just like this office Alpha, everything you want is simply a command away from reality.

And that’s the perfection of the Alpha/faggot dynamic. It forms a perfect circle of fulfillment that will never broken!