Trump has lost the 2020 election, but even worse, the orange scumbag has also dragged America down with him.

America lost more than Trump. She lost her soul.

I hate him, every corrupt, lying shit stain in his administration, and every single person who voted for him. They should all be put into those cages on the southern border and then dropped in the ocean.

The crybaby-in-chief won’t accept the results, of course. He doesn’t have the manliness or strength of character to concede like George HW Bush in 1992.

What an embarrassment Trump was last night in his 15-minute whine about the unfairness of our electoral system (which has repeatedly passed integrity tests).

Somebody get this entitled cunt his golden binky!

Any “Alpha” who thinks Trump is an Alpha because he talks shit about people on Twitter isn’t an Alpha. I’m a faggot and, if I were in his presence, I’d open-handed slap him across his fat orange face and make him cry.

I want nothing but the very worst for Trump, his criminal family, his enablers, and everyone who supported him.

Hopefully we can heal after this four-year cancer, but I think we all know the healing will be imperfect. The pieces cut apart during this surgery will never come back the same way ever again.