I hope you are having a happy Labor Day if you are in the States, and that everyone you know and love are doing well!

I wanted to provide you with an update about the Unequals Bracelet.

The delay was partially due to shipping problems getting them to me. However, the main issue with the delivery of the bracelets to those who purchased them is one borne of my own naivete. 

You see, when I priced the bracelet I figured I would add a couple of bucks for shipping (it’s only a bracelet, for crying out loud). My main concern was trying to keep the price low so that everyone could afford it. Well, it turns out that the shipping is FOUR TIMES more than I initially figured. That difference, multiplied out by the number of purchases, comes out to several hundred dollars that must come out of my own pocket to fulfill.

I am in the middle of changing professions. My new job will be quite lucrative, but I haven’t started it yet (September 10th start date). I have taken on a second job. To make matters much worse, my previous job is refusing to pay me a couple thousand dollars they owe me for jobs I sold for the company. They are claiming that I am leaving them improperly so they don’t owe me that money. I am fighting this right now. 

I ask for your patience. I messed this up because I am not some ecommerce guru who is making money hand-over-fist. I don’t make money from the website, the podcast, and very little from the Hierarchy store. All I want to do is spread the truth and give Alphas and faggots a way to find fulfillment. The bracelet, developed through discussions on the FWA Discord server. was one way this might be accomplished. 

I have failed to get this done properly, but it is high on my list of priorities. I have the excel spreadsheet with all of those who purchased the bracelets, and the records are also stored on my Shopify account for the Hierarchy store. I am doing all that I can do to get these to you. I am not a thief or a liar. You are going to get them.
I have two stories about the fulfillment of these bracelets to share with you, one awesome and one horrible.

THE HORRIBLE: One of the faggots who ordered two bracelets was threatening to have my account shut down over a failure to fulfill his order, so I was forced to mail him the bracelets. He then contacted PayPal and claimed he only received one bracelet and that it was broken (both lies, I have the evidence) and demanded his money back. So I was forced to refund his money despite the fact that he received two bracelets for free.

THE INCREDIBLE: At the same time I sent those two bracelets to the person above, I also sent the two bracelets ordered by Master Dino for his faggots to them as a “thank you” gift for all they have done for me personally and for the site/podcast. Well, Master Dino contacted me and told me a jaw-dropping story about what the bracelet did in a random social situation. You will not believe it.

Anyway, this is my honest confession. I apologize for my failure in this regard. It crushes me. And I will work to make it right.

Thank you,
sam the faggot