Not long ago I wrote about how I felt sustained by the emotional support of some readers who offered me kindness when I was dealing with trouble (CLICK HERE). It always comes at the right time, doesn’t it?

Today I received another such gift, this time from a dear brother of mine. Michael, the faggot featured in some truly astounding true stories around here recently, was apparently touched by the way I wrote about him in the latest update about his exploits (CLICK HERE for his entire thread), and sent me a truly beautiful letter that I want to share for reasons that will become obvious afterward.

Sam, my brother,  i have to say that i view what i do and have said as really commonplace — this is what faggots do and this is what faggots are for.  And i go through life with the knowledge that bringing Alphas to the fullness of their status is my mission in life.  So, i am kind of blown away when you elevate my experiences to a kind of example for faggots everywhere. 

i am beginning to see that this is the real value of your website — a primer, not only for Alphas, but for we faggots; reinforcing our commitment to our purpose for living.  So, thanks again for your so very important missionary work. 

First of all, I say thank you to my dear brother for these precious words. They mean more to me than I can adequately express.

But I want to make this point: I am emphasizing Michael’s example precisely because it is so unique and rare! Even now, with awareness spreading across the internet and Men becoming savvy to the wonders of fag worship, faggots still remain hidden, meek and afraid in the shadows. No matter how much I write or how many examples of success I cite, faggots still pull back.

It’s why I started this site back in 2015. I had far more success at serving Alphas over the years than I ever could’ve anticipated when I began, and I wanted to share those lessons with other faggots. Subsequently (and entirely by accident) I found myself advising faggots who wanted to serve straight Alphas (and straight Alphas who wanted to own faggots), and had success with that.

But despite all of that, faggots still panic and run away.

So when I come across a brother like Michael, it’s like a breath of fresh air. He’s a younger version of myself, and we are kindred spirits when it comes to service. The mission he speaks of in the letter above is my mission in life as well.

I’m not sure I agree that this site and what I do here counts as “missionary work” unless that refers to one of my favorite ways to get fucked. But in terms of outreach, this site is intended to be a beacon in the darkness.

And with brave faggot brothers like Michael at my side, that beacon can shine ever brighter!

sam the faggot