This thread follows Jamie, a faggot who began service to a straight Alpha named Dino that has lasted 15 years and led to marriage. CLICK HERE for all posts in this thread in chronological order!

Earlier today I posted this truly remarkable video of a faggot being collared by its Master before being scent trained and it blew up all over my social media. I heard from faggots who have been collared, Masters who have collared their faggots, and lots of faggots who desperately want to wear the collar of an Alpha. It was almost an emotional reaction from many, a need. It took me a bit by surprise, honestly.

I don’t know why it did, though, because I also felt a twinge of yearning while watching the video. The collaring of a faggot seems to have an even deeper emotional response than the caging of a faggot. I think maybe it’s because of the connection to dogs, an animal usually beloved by Men. That, combined with the ownership aspect, creates a deeply personal symbolic meaning to the collar around their neck.

One person who was especially triggered by the post was my dear brother Jamie, the fag-wife of Apex Alpha God-Man Master Dino. The post resurrected the experience of his own collaring years ago at the hands of his great, all-powerful Alpha Master.

i was reading posts this morning and i saw the collar post and it brought back so many good memories I went to Daddy who was sitting at His desk in His boxers wearing (for some reason i never asked about) only one sock. i knelt and kissed His bare foot and tears of love and gratitude burst forth. I dried it up quickly and apologized. He smiled, knowing how my emotions have been close to the surface lately. Then He asked what the problem was.  i told Him that i was working on controlling my emotions (as He told me to do earlier) but i had a memory of Him putting the collar on me and it just made me so happy. He flashed His scorching smile and teasingly rolled His eyes in that “Oh, you faggots” way and then using my hair He pulled my face into His crotch and just allowed me to BREATHE Him in while He continued working.

After some time passed (no idea how much time, i was VERY happily occupied lost in His scent) He woke me from my beautiful daydreams told me what He wanted for dinner then said, ” I remember you really wanted to be collared and I acted as if I could give a fuck. All the while Alpha pride swelled it My chest and in My dick. I’d made you wait, teasing you by never mentioning it but by dropping other words in our talks that were designed to make you THINK about getting collared and make you squirm with need for Me. Ha! I am truly a bastard, ain’t I bitch?” And His laughter filled the room. He pulled His dick out and I zoomed back to Nirvana, my head lying between His legs and his sweaty sack covering my eyes and His soft dick going down my nose  where the head just lay on my partially open lips. HEAVEN ON EARTH! LOL

Daddy started again with His recollections of that night. “I tried hard not to allow My hole see that God was almost as excited as it was.” He said, still smiling at the picture of 2 barely legal boys, one earnestly striving to be a TRUE Alpha and not ‘announce’ His emotions and to stay calm and methodical and the other in a constant state of nervous awe of this ManGod who was REALLY claiming it for His own property. He said, “I think that night was a cornerstone in the fondation of the world I’ve built for us. That was the 1st real physical connection, proof that your faggot ass belonged to Me, that you had purpose and an owner who thought you were worth His attention and affection.”

He was right, as always. He had told me to hurry and finish clearing the dinner things and slapped my tender ass. (He had taken me only a few months before so my body was still adapting to His loving orders, His wonderfully rough way of being tender and His blindingly HARD ruts so i was in fag heaven). I followed Him to His bedroom and knelt again before Him. He told me to look at Him. I did slowly as I couldn’t be sure of His reaction. As was stated i’d only been His for a few months. i was sure of nothing except this was absolutely the most mercurial and magnificent Male ever and when i looked at Him He might pat my head or slap my face for daring to look. (It was still a time for Him to test my abilities and worthiness so shit could be quite interesting until He deemed my efforts noteworthy. Hehe) He smiled and took my chin and told me He was about to make ‘an honest faggot’ of me and laughed and told me to close my eyes. He then told to open them and I discovered a box on His lap. i asked permission with my eyes and He told me to open it. Inside was the strip of black leather with a few silver studs but to this faggot it was SO much more. As i reached for it my shaking hands betrayed my cool exterior-in the beginning Daddy did not allow me to express loving emotions. Being a straight Alpha it was some time before He became comfortable with my showing my love and devotion–except when He was fucking, raping, or anything else He might do that ended with His cum pumping into His faggot. He brushed my hair away from my face and took the collar. He told me to ‘hold that goddamn mop’ out of His way and

He collared me as I looked directly into His eyes, something i’ve done ONLY when He entered me for the first time, when we did something i’ll never tell for the first time together, and upon His command. When He closed that collar and fastened it i experienced almost all the emotion and pleasure as when He cunted me for the first time. i had SUCH a sensation of deep contentment, gratitude, i felt safe. i now BELONGED to Him–my Master, my God. Such a feeling of serenity swept over me, bringing tears. My adoration of Him mushroomed into an overwhelming feeling of worship, lust, and hunger for anything that came from His magnificent mind and body. The reason i was put here by creator God was to serve, to sate, and to service this perfect specimen of Manhood and Masculine power. i’ll never forget that moment, the moment i KNEW He was my purpose, my life’s work was for His glorification, His satisfaction. His pleasure was my reward in life. This God among Men was my destiny.

And then, using the collar to emphasize its meaning, He used my holes until dawn. Then, without releasing His last load, He bent His leg as a kind of pillow for me and pulled me down. He looked at me and seemed to just enjoy seeing me there. I think it was a ‘i think i love this hole’ moment for Daddy. He then put His hard dick in my mouth, about the first couple of inches, looked at me with such, well, love and stroked my cheek. Then with a tenderness that almost made me faint He said, ” Eat my load fucking faggot” and filed my mouth with His precious cum. It was too much for this cumhole and i was out.  When i woke hours later it was by my smiling God who allowed me to sleep 4 hours with His rod in my mouth. He told me to get in the shower and kneel where He baptised me and the collar with His piss.

Since then, I’ve asked if anything bought for me like the collar or my new unequals bracelet be sanctified by his piss. i believe He enjoys that but He’ll make me wait a bit, just to show who has control. And I freaking love that, and Him.  So that’s it. I guess I just wanted to share a very special memory.

I’ve said this before on the blog, but it really bears repeating after that gorgeous and worshipful message from Jamie: Alphas might pretend like they don’t care, but they have much deeper and more powerful emotions than we ever know until they act on them. They spend most of their lives hidden behind impenetrable walls of masculine bravado. To Men, a faggot is a thing you use or beat up, not love.

Jamie found himself in the clutches of one of the most violent and powerful Alpha Masters the world has ever known, and Jamie could be excused for thinking that Master Dino could never love or cherish him. And then, out of nowhere, Master Dino tenderly locks a collar around Jamie’s neck and makes a life commitment to the faggot. It’s no wonder the shock of the moment overwhelmed poor Jamie!

But this touching memory Jamie shared with me speaks to the tenderness, the commitment, and the sense of peace that collaring a faggot can have. It’s meaningful not only to the faggot, but, as Master Dino mentioned in the story, it’s also meaningful for the Alpha.

This might be one of my most favorite memories I’ve ever posted here. I thank Master Dino and Jamie for sharing it with me!