What do you think of this thing called “stealthing?” I only practice safe sex, including oral sex with a condom. A sexual partner that I have been numerous times before decided to secretly remove the condom, but leaving just the base of the condom on his erect penis to make it appear that the condom was still on. After he came inside me and I felt his semen leaking from my hole, I was quite upset once I found what he did and asked him to leave my home. Do I have a right to be upset with him?

Of course you have every right to be upset with him! Does this moron understand that what he did to you without your permission is against the law? 

Speaking of law, I think you need to lay down the law with this person if you ever talk to him again. And it might be prudent to file a report somewhere just in case he has infected you with anything. 

Stealthing is truly despicable. As fags, we put ourselves into the hands of an Alpha with the hope that the Alpha will not harm us for submitting to them. Stealthing a faggot (or anyone) is a catastrophic breach of trust! 

Thank you for writing to me, if for no other reason than to warn others that this awful practice continues unabated. My fellow faggots, BEWARE.