What is an Alpha?

It’s a question that merits thoughtfulness in a world that is loud with contradictions – contradictions about what a Man is, what a True Alpha is, and yes, what a faggot should be.  I pondered a few of these contradictions in my last (first) blog post.

I want to explore what I believe to be two or three fundamental non-negotiables about Alphas. They’ll be more in later blogs, but for now…

Let’s start with the obvious – the basics.  A definition that I imagine every Alpha and faggot can agree upon.

Alphas are 100% Penetrative – Men that instinctively Dominate with their Cock.  This is in My DNA.  It’s how I’m made.  And this is intrinsic to every Alpha I’ve talked to.  If We so much as sniff a hint of submission within you, We will own your cunt and your mind if it pleases us.  It may be through means of mental manipulation, it may be through brute force.  I’m certainly guilty of “tricking” a beta bitch into doing things to reveal its true nature as a Cock slut.  This is the hardwiring of an Alpha, in my opinion.  To this day, I haven’t really seen an anomaly to this.

I shouldn’t even justify this with discussion, but for the sake of addressing content on fagsworshipalphas.com, I know there has been light discussion from readers about “Alpha Bottoms”.  Which frankly, for me is like an unruly dog that needs to be house trained.  For all of time, Men have asserted their Superior Masculinity over a lesser fortunate beta, woman, or fag, by physically placing them in a position of sexual submission and seeding them with Their Cum.  How, the FUCK is this “Alpha”.  What you are, bitch, is an entitled bitch bottom that needs to be dismantled psychologically and sexually.  

I’m always going to come back to Nature and Hierarchy.  These things stand the test of scrutiny for time in memoriam.  Look to this truth if you think spreading your pussy open and taking My Man Seed is anything other than submission to my Cock.  Alpha Bottom is a fucking joke.  

So, I assert the Active Position for every Alpha because I believe that it is a fundamental truth.  

Now, in a faggots mind, being Dominated by Cock is as deep as they are capable of going with this conversation.  Their logic and reasoning become numb in the presence of a slab of Alpha meat dripping with pre-cum  Forget it.  They have no more to give other than to keep their eye on the prize and do exactly as they are told.  We can leave the faggots here for now. (Except for the truest of faggots who see the worship of Alphas as their religion.) 

Another truth I believe to be fundamental to Alphas – Alphas are Archetypal Symbols of Masculinity.  

But what does that mean?  Just go to twitter and you’ll find a hundred twinky “findoms” who shave their body as much as a girl, primp as much as a girl, and have no signs of testosterone beyond their 21 year old sex drive and the need to make rent.  And guess what, faggots respond because they can’t think passed the D.  Alphas, remember this always – what a faggot responds to can not and will never be a gauge for what a Great Alpha is.  They rush to the next shiny thing all the time, don’t fault them.  They are a walking void for Cock and they don’t understand Greatness like We do.

Go back to the truth.  Hierarchy.  Nature.  Nature has created POLARITY.  It is this polarity that is absolutely essential to the relationship between an Alpha and a faggot.  When an Alpha finally understands the power of polarity, They will forever use it to Their advantage.  I am a disciple of polarity.  Nature gave Men thick beards, chest hair, a larger frame, bigger muscles, hairy horse balls between our powerful hairy thighs, and a scent that permeates from our pits and crotch that naturally triggers submission.  Alphas need the determination to vehemently defy societies domestication and refuse to emasculate themselves by shying away from the God-Like Masculine qualities that Nature bestowed upon Us.  Display and exploit polarity as much as you possibly can – in your self-care and in your demeanor.  Ignore the fags that chase after less masculine “Alphas”.  They will be back when they’re through eating “fast food” and need a real meal.  

As I see it, classic manliness is the most powerful contribution to polarity.  That and the feminization of your faggot with body shaving, chastity, and other options.  Polarity triggers something subconscious.  In you and in the faggots.  It solicits a deeper, more fulfilling submissive response from women and faggots.  I encourage all Alphas to embrace all that is fundamentally masculine and use it for Your advantage.

Let’s talk about one last aspect of Alpha-hood that is likely most powerful and too often ignored.

Alpha Community.

Loner Alphas, or what some call “Sigma” Alphas, disappoint me sometimes because they fail to see the power of a community of Alpha men.  

Consider this.  A room full of Superior Men, enjoying camaraderie, doing Man Things.  It’s intriguing to women, nerve-racking to beta boys, and thoroughly humbling to faggots.  This situation naturally reminds them that they do not belong in this circle.  The degree of Raw Masculine Power in Numbers of Alpha Men asserts the truth of Hierarchy more than anything ever could.

Alphas who want to strengthen and enhance their Alpha-hood, in my opinion, MUST be more open to connecting with other Alphas in whatever way fits their lifestyle.  Iron sharpens Iron.  Embrace everything about your Masculine Society.  It’s a society that is exclusively Yours.  So stop killing hours playing video games by yourself.  Call up your Alpha brother and do something that fucking scares you.  Become an adrenaline junkie.  Go learn a few Manly hobbies.  The bonding will make you better and you will gain an appreciation for Classic Masculine Culture – which is arguable the most effective reinforcement of polarity that I can think of.  

I hope that this is helpful to my Alpha brothers.  I also hope it makes some faggot out there collapse in awe of Alpha Greatness.