This post may be geared more towards my Alpha brothers, though faggots might gain some valuable insight.

I heard an interesting observation yesterday.

“No matter what a woman does, society never questions that she is a woman.

No matter what a faggot does, it’s still a faggot.

But to be an Alpha, a Man must prove Himself every day.” 

Elite strength in body, courage of heart, mastery of hands and honor in action – all of these things which I believe define the best of Alphas – will not develop within an Alpha who is too weak to embrace conflict.  Being an Alpha is to embrace tragedy.

To an Alpha, comfort is death.  If we cannot wake up each day and challenge ourselves towards these four Alpha-defining virtues – strength, courage, honor and mastery-  in the face of constant personal and societal push-back, we are not worthy of Alpha status amongst other Alphas.

This hyper discipline and relentless drive is why Alphas generally have a hard hand with faggots.  We live our lives walking into chaos in hopes of making something glorious.  We are mercilessly demanding of ourselves and therefore, by nature, demanding of a faggot.  When we finally stand over you at the end of a long day, we demand your full attention, impeccable listening comprehension and immediate execution of any task we require.  This is the discipline that defines our personal development.  This is the discipline that grows our kingdom.  And this is the discipline we exert over our faggots as well.  

Sadly, a lot of betas snarl at the word Superior when referring to Alphas.  They see Alphas as arbitrarily egoic and in need of constant validation.  And while Nature impersonally favors Alphas with potent virility and elite physical characteristic, an Alpha has to earn his greatness every day for Himself and his Alpha Pack.

An Alpha who is respected in His Alpha Pack, would likely be worthy of the word Superior because that is the bar He sets for Himself daily.  And as a result, his accomplishments, his mindset, his personal and professional victories, his sex life, IS Superior.

It’s more than ego.  It’s more than just natural selection.

Think more deeply about Alphas, faggots.  

When an Alpha takes you by the neck and forces you into submission, think to yourself: these are the masterful hands that build kingdoms.  

When an Alpha drains your body of all resistance by shoving His sweaty, hard pecs into your faggot face, be grateful for the heart of courage that resides behind that powerful shield of muscle you worship.

When you worship Our feet, consider how far we’ve walked to bring honor and justice to this world.

When you lie underneath the weight of our towering frame, recognize that Our strength is superior because of our discipline.

This is how you begin to understand what WORSHIP really means, faggots.  

We are more than your porn.  We are your religion. 

We are more than many women, betas, and faggots ever see.  Remember, there are nuanced reasons why we do what we do.  Nothing is arbitrary.  This should solicit your awe, your worship, your fear, and the feeling that you are safe in our arms.