What Is An Alpha?

I wanted to pose this question because I think that it’s imperative that faggots as well as Alphas become more nuanced in their day to day understanding of what Alpha means.

I will preface by saying that I, while Alpha, will not profess to be at any arrival point with everything, including answers to these questions.  I am truly committed  to forever becoming greater and increasingly superior in my Alpha-hood and that includes the area of Masculine wisdom.  In this, I have always vowed to be a truth seeker. 

I do believe that sam the fag is on the right track when he acknowledges Hierarchy.  Natures Laws rule all, and this will be our guide when filtering down our argument later on in following posts.

But for now, let’s look at the contradictions between our assumptions about what Alpha is and what nature teaches us.  

Falsehood 1.  Alpha men build Kingdoms and faggots are here not to build, but to serve, pleasure, and support the glorious vision of the Builder Alpha.

I know plenty of faggots that build their own little empires and your very own sam the fag is an example.  (He is an entrepreneur. He is a business.  And frankly, you faggots should be giving him money for being a resource geared to benefit Alphas like me – which in turn benefits you.  Consider that for a moment.  Check in with yourself.  Are you actually showing your devotion to your position as a fag if you can’t even support the very resource that teaches you how to be a better fag to us Alphas and lets you in on our world?  Shame on you faggots for be so fucking selfish.)

Side rant.  Now back to the contradictions.

I also know “Alphas” who literally build nothing.  They’re useless.  They couldn’t fix a loose cabinet even if they had to.  They have no entrepreneurial drive whatsoever.  They don’t even have the self awareness to know how to be useful to this world, to a community.  I reserve judgement on these Alphas and I have plenty of judgement there.  But I’m just here to point out the contradictions.  

(And I can hear you faggots justification in worshiping these useless Alphas.  It’s their dick, eh?  Let’s look at that next.

Falsehood 2. Alphas have the biggest dick.  Nature favored their manhood and therefore it deserves to be placed on a pedestal to be worshiped.  

There are thousands of faggots with huge dicks.  I’ve fucked them.  And there are thousands of Alphas with less than 9 inches.  So what are you chemically responding too, faggot? We’ll answer this in a future post.

First of all, I will be transparent.  I am anti-porn.  I believe that it numbs a faggot to real life circumstances and results in them missing opportunities of service in the real world.  I’ve seen it a hundred times with myself and other Alphas.  Porn by nature conditions you to need larger-than-life situations to reach a high degree of arousal.  Not that it can’t be educational for a buddy fag. But this is the exception, not the rule. And the conditioning on your mind will eventually require you to need greater and greater extremes in order to achieve the same dopamine high you have received in the past.

The filter you view your world is distorted by training your neurological pathways to only respond to extremes.

This is a scientific fact and you can reference studies in “Your Brain On Porn” to source.

Why does this matter?

Go back to nature.  *It’s inconsistent with nature’s truth about what is Alpha to only allow dick size to determine your willingness and readiness to submit because as we stated before, this does not always reflect reality.   And the reason for my side note about porn – you are becoming more and more useless as a faggot the more you train your brain to respond only to outrageous porn dick.  Unless you wanna stay in your basement and never be of service to Alphas in the real world which come in all shapes and sizes, consider what you’re doing to yourself.

Okay, I’ll give you this.  I can’t say I’ve ever seen a small dick Alpha.  While it’s a generalization, I think it’s safe to say that Alphas are hung above average.  Personally, I’m a true eight inches, thick, with a huge dick head that is made for breeding.  Flaccid, it hangs thick and outward in a way that demands cock hungry bitches at the gym to trail behind me. Now, eight is well above average.  But seven inches is actually above the average dick size and I can’t believe I’ve seen faggots abandon their duties and walk away from my seven-inch-hung friend to cruise some nine inch fucker in the locker room.  It’s not like I don’t understand it.  I understand you faggots want to be consumed by Cock and if you could handle 10 x 10 I’m sure you would try. 

But don’t miss my point.  Your priorities as a faggot are too often affected by the exaggerated realities habitually fed to you by your porn use.

Bottom line.  If the occasional use of porn enhances your service to Alphas great.  If it desensitizes the faggot and narrows it’s responsiveness, not good.

Concluding our second contradiction…

Again, there are thousands of faggots with big dicks (which I would cage, lol) and thousands of Powerful Specimens of Masculine Superiority which are not as hung as the porn you’re obsessed with.

I believe there may be other assumptions/contradictions we are guilty of too, and I’ll consider more and continue writing.

I welcome all thoughtful nuanced comments.  Whether you agree with me or not, the quality of conversation around this is valuable to everyone.  

What other contradictions can you find between our assumptions about Alpha/faggots and what Nature’s Laws are showing you?  I’ll consider them and lend my thoughts.  

After that, I’ll move to what this is NOT to what this IS on the deepest most subconscious level possible.