As a sort of primer for this website, I want to outline an all-encompassing vision of Hierarchy and the roles each of us will naturally embody. Let’s start with the pyramid:

What Is Hierarchy?

Hierarchy is the primary social structure of society. It is the oldest and most basic framework of human interaction, one that we see mirrored in the animal kingdom as well. It’s reflected in the principles of sayings like “dog eat dog” or “survival of the fittest.” It’s a social version of natural selection.

Levels Of The Hierarchical Pyramid

  1. APEX ALPHAS – These most powerful Men (straight or gay) are the ones other Alphas defer to and respect as their superiors. Blessed with physical superiority, these greatest Alphas are also gifted with extraordinary confidence, intelligence, empathy, compassion, and nobility. These are the Men all other humans look to as our real-life superheroes.
  2. ALPHAS – In a more general sense, Alphas (straight or gay) exemplify the best qualities of Men to a superior degree. They are the general leaders of our society, the Men that lead large groups of lesser males with their dominant will.
  3. SUB-ALPHAS – These are typically straight Men who are not quite as superior or as dominant as Alphas, but they are not submissive.
  4. BETAS – These males (straight or gay) are socially or sexually submissive males. They don’t lead, they follow. They are often bullied, ridiculed, or cucked.
  5. FAGGOTS – These “males” (exclusively gay or closeted gay) are extremely submissive and act as slaves and servants of Men higher in the Hierarchy. They serve these Men sexually, domestically, and financially. Their lives revolve entirely around the service of Men, and can even be owned like property by Men.
  6. OBJECTS – These are humans (nonsexual) reduced to accessories or possessions. They might be used sexually, but usually they are simply blank slaves owned by Men.

While most of these Hierarchical roles are determined at birth, sometimes males might move between roles as their natural position manifests itself through life experience. Sometimes these initially-indeterminate males call themselves “switches” and consider themselves flexible, but over time they tend to naturally settle on a single role.

The Importance Of Understanding Hierarchy

We need to understand and accept Hierarchy as a fundamental truth in human society. It’s the first truth. Resisting or denying it brings frustration and misery.

But when we embrace Hierarchy and fulfill our role, we find completeness. We find peace.

Resisting or denying it brings frustration and misery.