I would say that I have a wide set of experiences fulfilling my role as a faggot over the last twenty years, and that has led me to form many of the ideas and perspectives I often discuss here. But regardless of my experience level, I’m always learning new things from the Alphas and faggots (and everything in between) I meet around the world. This has led me to evolve my thinking on some issues. Findom has been one notable example of this evolution. Another is the use of chastity devices.

As I’ve said, I have never been put into chastity. No Alpha has ever even thought of it (of course I’ve served a lot of straight Men, and they are largely ignorant of chastity), and I had my masturbation habit totally under control even from the beginning, so chastity never became an issue before.

So that lack of experience led me to develop a fairly indifferent attitude toward chastity. I always encouraged it with those drawn to its restrictive allure, but it was never something I felt carried much power. But recent experiences with faggots Simon and Chin helped me to see the value of chastity as a way to deepen submissiveness and even lead to cunting. 

But this new experience really blew my mind. 

It involves a faggot here on Tumblr named @chifaggotwhore. Here’s a picture of the faggot in some cute undies. 


He’s a chastity faggot who was desperate to make himself more available for use by Alphas. We had been talking a little bit about possible ways to accomplish this when he asked me if I thought it would be good for him to walk around the gym locker room naked in order to display the cage to everyone there. I, of course, immediately encouraged that idea.

So the faggot bravely walked around the locker room on Friday completely naked, cage on full display. The courage of this act takes my breath away. All of the Men in the locker room noticed, of course, but the faggot saw one Alpha in particular nudge his Alpha buddy and point. Then they both snickered. 

But the faggot wouldn’t give up. The next day the faggot repeated the chastity display, but this time he went into the steam room. Then the seemingly-impossible happened – the snickering Alpha from the previous day entered the steam room, too!

Here’s the faggot’s account:

The Alpha that pointed me out to his buddy – I now know his name is Max (swoon) – came into the steam room and wouldn’t break eye contact with me! There was a short minute where it was just us two in the steam room and he approached me. Told me he was hoping I’d be back. Said he had seen things about fags like me online.

Gave me his locker number and told me to meet him there fully clothed. I sat on the bench waiting with absolute butterflies in my stomach! He came over still in his towel. Right in front of me with my face at his crotch and ass level he dropped the towel and OMG. His strong, beefy ass was right in my face. He bent over to get his socks and underwear on and it took everything in my body not to dive face-first into his butt. His dick is AMAZING. Long and thick, perfectly shaped and cut. Only got a quick glimpse. He got his phone and asked me my number and then told me to leave. Got texts from him a few minutes later!

For a frame of reference, the faggot described Alpha Max as Chris Pratt in his beefy mode:


The texts Alpha Max started sending his new faggot were pretty remarkable:


Then the faggot had the great idea to either make or provide protein drinks for his new Owner’s workouts:


I then instructed the faggot to compliment Alpha Max and thank him for the display in the gym. I also told the fag to ask Alpha Max about his previous experience with faggots:


Then Alpha Max, showing great insight, tacked on a new instruction for his faggot:



I’m so impressed and proud of my faggot brother for showing such courage! This example has really shown me the power of the chastity cage. Straight Men and Alphas have a visceral, instinctive reaction to the sight of a male in a chastity cage. They know what it means, and what they can do with a male like that.

So never be afraid to express your need to serve! Alphas are looking to own you if you simply offer yourself! 

And as for me, these last couple of months have really changed my opinion about chastity! Its power over the destiny of faggots is undeniable!