This thread follows Jamie, a faggot who began service to a straight Alpha named Dino that has lasted 15 years and led to marriage. CLICK HERE for all posts in this thread in chronological order!

After hearing about the surprise tropical vacation Master Dino gifted to his faggot wife Jamie, I was eager to find out what “final surprise” awaited Jamie when they returned home.

Jamie dutifully sent me a follow-up:

sam, i just had to tell you about the surprise waiting for me after our vacation. When we arrived I was organizing in my head just how to get my ManGod’s home back in order. Not that it was trashed but all my free time was taken while the Son of God lived with us, learned, and grew as a person, as well as an Alpha Male. Anyway, my AWESOME GOD had everything taken care of while we were away! I don’t know details but the place is IMMACULATE–WITH EVERYTHING EXACTLY WHERE IT BELONGS!
It was my emotional limit. After all the emotions of the last months, all the testosterone churning in my Men along with their naturally domineering personalities and Alpha NEED to pump/shoot cum into all available holes, my EVERYTHING was simply overloaded with joy and fulfillment and pride. i often think that there’s just no possible way for this Living Example of the perfect way Man and God can combine could make me worship and respect Him more than He already has. But, He does, and daily. And, that is an Alpha, isn’t it brother?
Anyway, i simply lost my humility for a moment and allowed unbridled ecstacy and pride of being HIS hole to overwhelm me and i imploded. i laid down at His–i have no more superlatives to bestow upon my Owner–feet and cried for what must have been an hour while i kissed His feet, caressed His furry legs, and murmured how magnificent, sexy, awesome, intelligent, omnipotent, powerful, passionate, etc…He is. How i would faithfully and slavishly i would honor, love, serve and service Him, all the while just feeling His overwhelming, comfortably smothering protective love washing over me. And in the middle of my faggot histrionics and lack of emotional control a calm came over me and i realized that my Daddy had said a comforting word or two before i crumpled at His feet and then He simply started doing some computer work for the office. Some might dare to say His seeming indifference was cold and uncaring but i KNOW my Daddy. That ‘indifference’ hid His brilliance. He knew that if i saw him calm and cool i would wonder why i wasn’t. i instantly realized, i just had a terrific time away, our life and home were in wonderful shape and i was feeling His masculine power and His love for His faggot permeate the room. On top of which i was lying at His feet almost incoherently worshiping Him (at His feet WHERE i BELONG) and this faggot shut the fuck up. my gratitude of His genius, and my total amazement and appreciation that such a ManGod could find anything He could actually love (and lust after) about any faggot, especially when my God could have a MUCH better looking, more appropriate cumdump than a (formerly) chubby, cumhole who is 10 years older, who is DEFINITELY not worthy of His vast reserves of patience and ABSOLUTELY not worthy of His unyielding love of His possessions. This strong devotion combined with His unshakable knowledge of His power to quietly, yet forcefully do ANYTHING He must to restore order and be the soothing, Alpha God presence to His family, the people He loves and protects (at times with His life) is what truly makes Him a God to all of us here.
I rambled on again but that seems to happen when i discuss the love of my life. Daddy says, “Tell the faggot I’ll try to shoot it an email this weekend–so its panties will have time to dry cause I know its little clit/dick just started dripping from the anticipation of contact with the God to whom you will forever belong. Now, put the mutherfucking phone down and get in bed.” Then smiling said,” you fucking cunt.” I will never understand why fate chose to gift me with belonging to this Alpha Male God.
Night brother… i got this feeling that I am about to be aggressively entered, pumped full of His copius, liquid passion, and made to feel i do deserve His all-encompassing love. my Daddy, He gives me LIFE!

This is such a vibrant description of what happens inside a faggot when owned completely by an Alpha Male.

We faggots are broken creatures. Scared. Insecure. The world around us feels dangerous and threatening.

So when an Alpha comes into our life and takes ownership of us, he brings with him order and purpose. We mindlessly work and tirelessly serve like hyperactive mice to make our Alpha happy, partially because, like a drug addict, we are afraid we will lose him.

So when an Alpha gives his faggot permission to decompress and commendation for a job well done, in that contemplative space the faggot becomes overwhelmed. All of these strong, suppressed emotions spring forth uncontrollably.

When a faggot is cunted, something similar happens. I strongly suspect it’s this phenomenon I’m talking about here.

Yes, it’s a shock reaction I’m describing. If you’ve ever seen a front-line worker during a disaster, they work so hard for so long, often subsisting on pure adrenaline alone … but once the danger has passed, they collapse and weep out of either joy or agony.

Cunted faggots or faggots in situations like Jamie’s above weep mostly out of extreme joy and gratitude. We break down because we feel so unworthy of our owner’s love and wise concern.

Master Dino may not have reacted to Jamie’s outburst, but inside he will remember every sob and every tear. These were the emotions of his faggot, his most valuable possession, gratefully offered in tribute to its god.

This is the very essence of this most primal and Hierarchical union. Alpha and faggot. Owner and owned. Master and slave. God and servant.

However it’s called, beneath it all runs deep and powerful rivers of respect, gratitude, adoration, and love.

Never feel ashamed to break down and share your feelings of gratitude with your Alpha. In his presence you are safe, and at his feet you are free.