It’s an objection I constantly face from politically-correct gays and clueless straights: “This whole Alpha/faggot thing isn’t real … it’s just a fetish … it’s all in your mind.”

I always roll my eyes and take a deep, exasperated breath. As someone who has served as a sexual, domestic, and financial faggot for the entirety of my adult life, I don’t exactly know how to address the problem in a way that will help them understand. Obviously, my life experience doesn’t sway them. So I built a massive website devoted to this issue, and it’s now filled to the brim with some of the most incredible true stories that attest to the truth of this dynamic.

Yet they remain unswayed.

Tonight I received a lengthy multi-part comment from an anonymous person (naturally) designed to refute my claims. Since it had a respectful tone, I will give it a nice place on my site. Here is the comment, followed by my comments.

I don’t want to judge you, but you are not a “fag”. In fact, nobody really is, at least not as something “natural”. No matter what you argue, gender and sexuality are a social construct, as anthropologic and historic evidence show. It is just a contemporary need to classify people, so that we can think we can control and predict their behaviors, and thus limit people’s sexual freedom. That’s what is the matter, really.

For what I have seen from your tumblr, you are a very intellectually trained person, have your own business, can articulate very well, survived a cancer, did so many great things to the point that so-called “alphas” and many other followers come by to get a share from your thoughts. All of that has nothing to do with someone “submissive”, but rather someone who clearly can dominate, can exert power.

If it’s not clear, my point is, all of this “fag/alpha” thing is not natural, no matter how much you want it to be. You seem to want to be a progressive / liberal man, but at the end of the day you align with all the conservative thoughts that have made many gay men, many women and effeminate males in general suffer and not have freedom to be whoever they want to be, to live their sexuality to the maximum.

I mean, I am ok with all the fetish. Just be sure you are not telling yourself everyday to be someone lesser than you were born to be. Nobody was born to be ruled by anyone, and that is what being progressive means, at least to me, as an European. You north americans seem so concerned to classify people’s sexuality, maybe that is consequence of the puritanism.

I would suggest to you to try to have the courage to stop torturing yourself to live lesser than you can. It seems to me you are afraid of being someone in charge of your own sexuality, afraid of your body, afraid of being able to not be considered an object, just as many gay men who die from homophobia are considered by their murderers. Just a thought, felt like sharing with you after going through a lot of the blog. I wish you well!

Such a nice, respectful tone! It’s quite a difference from the typical vitriol I get both on the blog and elsewhere!

Sadly – and predictably – I do not agree with much of the above.

Let’s ignore my personal experiences for a moment since they clearly are nothing but an example of my own deluded mind (so I’m told, anyway).

Instead, I want to direct attention toward the many, many stories I’ve related over the years. Stories of faggots finding actual fulfillment in service to a Man. The stories of Alphas discovering fag worship and ownership and feeling complete.

I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve had faggots tell me how relieved they were when they came across my message here.

“I thought I was all alone in my feelings!”

“It was light a lightbulb suddenly went on when I read this!”

“I now feel complete!”

And on and on.

This is not a “North American” thing, either. I have met so many people from around the world over the last five years. So many faggots trapped in the Middle East, faggots in remote and lonely places, faggots stuck in sham marriages because they didn’t know the truth in time.

This is also not a recent phenomenon. Faggots have served Men throughout history. I have discussed this multiple times here using historical examples. It’s been a foundation stone of the Male Hierarchy since the first time one Man dominated another.

Think about those examples. We all feel the same way because it’s REAL. It isn’t some fantasy I invented and pushed on people.

I started this blog to try and make sense of my own journey. In the process, I discovered a vast community of people who understood and related to what I experienced. These are not figments of my imagination. They are real examples of what is happening inside faggots (and Alphas) everywhere.

So I’m sorry, dear reader – you’re wrong.