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I haven’t known many Apex Alphas when they were just 16 years old, so I don’t have much of a reference point. But it almost terrifies me how advanced young Master Joel is already in his life. He already seems to comprehend the vastness of his growing power, and he’s practically salivating at the opportunity to take his inherited throne.

Here’s an example of what I mean: Master Joel asked me to find him an older, more experienced Apex Alpha to mentor him and guide his growth into our world’s next superhuman god.

What’s significant is how Master Joel feels this power coursing through his body, and like any weightlifter, he wants a trainer to hone that power into an unstoppable machine. It’s both humble and ambitious.

So, to that end, I asked legendary Sir Titus to come onboard to mentor this young King, and he agreed. I was so pleased to hear about this. I’m a fairly intelligent faggot, but I’m still just a faggot. I can only point Master Joel in certain directions or give encouragement, but Sir Titus knows what it feels like to be a Superior Man and what they need. It’s a perfect pairing.

Of course, I’m not sure if Master Joel needs much help given the experience he relayed to me two days ago.


Fucked a new girl today. Pretty good whore not gonna lie, nice tits, fuckable pussy, you know the drill. One twist though… I brought my fags. 2 fags came to watch me fuck a whore. They just sat there like dogs watching me plow the pussy. It was super interesting to have an audience both from my and her perspective.

They made themselves useful by bringing us sextoys, lube and a towel to clean ourselves with. This experience was just amazing. I felt so powerful and it felt so right. Me raping a girl and my fags worshipping me. All 3 were working to pleasure ME.

I asked him how he explained the presence of the faggots.

I explained them as “loyal freaks that pay to watch me fuck you” she said it was kinda weird but shes a slut so she was fine with it. She is also totally in love with me so i can control her too. I came 2 times, on and in her. So about one and a half hours. The whore was laying on the bed and i was standing and fucking her by the end of the bed. And the faggots where kneeling next to me on both sides. My last cumshot was inside her. And when i finished both of my faggots licked my cock clean. She saw it and laughed at them.

Alphas three times Master Joel’s age don’t have the fearlessness and courage that he has! He almost dares the world to judge him, and then he casually smacks them down!

“I felt so powerful” is going to be an ongoing theme in Master Joel’s blessed life!

Watching him is like watching Superman discover his strength or his ability to fly. He comes to me, eyes wide, and says, “hey, faggot, look what I can do!”

And I stare back while on my knees, barely able to respond, my tongue overtaken by awe.

I am only one of the first of the many throngs who will kneel before this young Swedish god!